3 Excellent Low-Impact Foot Exercises for People With Plantar Fasciitis


Need An Appointment? Fill Out The Form Below: 3 Excellent Low-Impact Foot Exercises for People With Plantar Fasciitis If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, you want to stay away from high-impact cardio exercises such as jump-roping and running, at least until you have fully recovered (and even then, you will need to ease into your […]

3 Foot Conditions That Require Specialized Medical Attention


There are certain foot conditions and ailments such as a twisted ankle or a bruised toenail that can easily be cared for at home and usually won’t require any sort of medical attention. However, on the other end of the spectrum, there are also many foot conditions that are serious and should be addressed by […]

3 Reasons Why Your Fungal Toenail Infection Keeps Coming Back

Need An Appointment? Fill Out The Form To Contact Dr. Hochstein: 3 Reasons Why Your Fungal Toenail Infection Keeps Coming Back So you have already been able to pinpoint that your pesky foot pain is caused by a fungal toenail infection. You even went to your doctor to get the infection properly treated. And yet […]

4 Common Questions People Have About Cosmetic Foot Care Services available at Great Neck Family Foot Care

Anyone who has not received cosmetic foot care services in the past understandably has lots of questions about what treatments exist, what is right for their foot care needs, and how the whole process is conducted. If you are considering a certain cosmetic foot care treatment, whether it is bunion surgery or another need, it’s […]

Causes, Prevention & Treatment of Cracked Heels

  No one wants to worry about the problem of having dry, cracked heels due to lack of moisture. This can cause constant discomfort and interrupt our busy lives. Whenever feet become too dry, they can crack and split in areas causing extreme discomfort. It can be painful to walk on or even touch, but […]

4 Common Podiatry Questions Answered by your Great Neck Podiatrist

  When it comes to your feet and maintaining the health of them, it helps to have as much knowledge about care and treatment as possible. Whether you are suffering from some mysterious, minor discomfort in your foot or just got out of surgery, it’s normal to have plenty of questions about your condition. In […]

Total Contact Casts: A Gold Standard in Wound Care Services

Although everyone knows that broken bones require a cast, many don’t realize that certain types of casts can also offer powerful wound care treatment. Total contact casts are a unique aspect of wound care; they provide those suffering with diabetic foot ulcers a noninvasive, effective treatment option. If you’ve experienced little or no improvement with […]

3 Things First-Time Patients Should Know About Long Island Wound Care Services

Not everyone will have to experience wound care services in their life, but if you are someone who is in need of them, you are most likely curious about what it all entails. If you have never received medical services for a wound, it is natural that you would like to know what to expect […]

When to Call the Foot Doctor

When you’ve had an injury to your foot or are in extreme pain, there’s no question about calling your podiatrist. But what about all those not so traumatic foot concerns, the ones that aren’t too painful or that come and go—how do you know if your complaint warrants a call to the foot doctor? At […]