At-Home Bunion Surgery Recovery Tips

bunion surgery recovery

Getting rid of bunions through surgery is an essential task that may take you off of your feet for several days or even weeks. That’s why we have compiled a few home bunion surgery recovery tips to speed up your healing process. While our services are among the best way to get over bunion surgery, […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Professional Wound Care Services


Proper wound care is necessary for people in a variety of conditions, from the person who is recovering from foot surgery and has a large incision that must be cleaned to the diabetic who needs regular monitoring of their feet. While it may be tempting to just conduct all wound care tasks on your own, it is always a […]

Key Factors That Affect Wound Healing in Long Island Patients

Injuries are an unfortunate way of life. Although many wounds heal naturally with minimal care or concern, certain factors influence this natural process. Even small changes can produce either positive or negative results. By actively monitoring these key factors, we can help ensure that our body has the tools it needs to heal properly. Nutrition […]

Chronic Wounds

Usually, any wound or injury a person gets will, with appropriate treatment, heal in a timely manner. Wound healing goes through orderly and predictable stages; a trained medical professional can tell how old an injury is by looking at it and determining what stage the healing has reached. Sometimes, though, a person will have a medical […]

Metatarsal Fractures and Stress Fractures

Stress Fracture in your feet

Your feet are marvelously constructed, containing nearly 25% of your body’s bones. While fractures in the bones of your feet are treatable, they can be painful, and are often seen in athletes and dancers. Fractures of the metatarsal bones frequently happen as a result of activities that repetitively load the foot, such as sports that […]

Raising Awareness of the Risks of Falling: September is Fall Prevention Month

Fall Prevention

Falling and suffering an injury in a fall is perhaps one of the greatest fears among the country’s aging population. Bone fractures and other injuries from falls limit an older person’s mobility and impair his independence, yet as a person ages, his risk of falling increases dramatically. To raise awareness of this problem, the National […]