3 Reasons Why You Should Use Professional Wound Care Services


Proper wound care is necessary for people in a variety of conditions, from the person who is recovering from foot surgery and has a large incision that must be cleaned to the diabetic who needs regular monitoring of their feet. While it may be tempting to just conduct all wound care tasks on your own, it is always a […]

Chronic Wounds

Usually, any wound or injury a person gets will, with appropriate treatment, heal in a timely manner. Wound healing goes through orderly and predictable stages; a trained medical professional can tell how old an injury is by looking at it and determining what stage the healing has reached. Sometimes, though, a person will have a medical […]

Total Contact Casts: A Gold Standard in Wound Care Services

Although everyone knows that broken bones require a cast, many don’t realize that certain types of casts can also offer powerful wound care treatment. Total contact casts are a unique aspect of wound care; they provide those suffering with diabetic foot ulcers a noninvasive, effective treatment option. If you’ve experienced little or no improvement with […]

3 Things First-Time Patients Should Know About Long Island Wound Care Services

Not everyone will have to experience wound care services in their life, but if you are someone who is in need of them, you are most likely curious about what it all entails. If you have never received medical services for a wound, it is natural that you would like to know what to expect […]

Compression Therapy: A Vital Aspect of Wound Care

Compression therapy isn’t always the first aspect patients think of when given the choice of wound care. Although not as well known, this therapy is a vital recovery key for those with venous diseases and circulation issues. What is Compression Therapy? This treatment is remarkably simple and focuses care on the legs, ankles, and feet–common […]