Medical Cannabis

It can be challenging for patients suffering from debilitating foot conditions like chronic pain, diabetic neuropathy, or arthritis to find relief when most available treatments are unsuccessful. However, you may find relief from your condition with medical marijuana. At Great Neck Family Foot Care, our team will evaluate your condition and determine if medical marijuana is right for your condition. 


There are several cannabinoid receptors on inflammatory cells throughout the nervous system, brain, and spinal cord. When these receptors are stimulated, it can lead to decreased inflammation and pain relief. Smoke from medical marijuana contains several organic and inorganic compounds similar to what you may find in tobacco. Fortunately, you can ingest medical marijuana without having to smoke. There are various methods of medical marijuana for podiatric treatment, including:

  • Concentrated oils. 
  • Inhalation. 
  • Topicals.
  • Edibles. 
  • Transdermal patches. 
  • Sublingual sprays. 
  • Suppositories.
  • Beverages.


If you are looking for alternative treatments to manage foot and ankle conditions, medical marijuana may be the right solution for you. Contact Dr. Hochstein at Great Neck Family Foot Care to explore the process of medical marijuana and discover its various benefits.

Chronic Pain

It’s easy to take your feet and ankles for granted. However, for anyone suffering from chronic foot or ankle pain, your pain can start to dominate your thoughts and affect all other aspects of your life.


Unfortunately, many treatment options for chronic foot and ankle pain are only short-term solutions. Medical marijuana can be a valuable alternative treatment for your chronic pain. 


How Can Medical Marijuana Help Chronic Pain?


Medical marijuana can be an effective therapeutic option for treating chronic pain and inflammation associated with various podiatric conditions. When taken in appropriate doses, patients can experience minimal side effects. Medical marijuana can relieve pain by interacting with the body’s cannabinoid receptors and reducing pain perception and signaling.


Chronic foot and ankle pain stemming from systemic inflammation, such as with rheumatoid arthritis, may benefit from the anti-inflammatory effects. There are several ways to use medical marijuana for chronic pain relief. Patients can apply topicals to the skin, smoke, vape, or consume edibles to ease chronic pain.


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Aging is a natural fact of life, but the consequences that come along with aging can be a painful process. One of the most common ailments that can occur later in life is arthritis. There are multiple kinds of arthritis, and unfortunately, there is no cure. This leaves patients with arthritis to manage pain the best they can. If you live with debilitating arthritis in the foot or ankle, medical marijuana may be a suitable treatment to control your inflammation and pain. 


What Is Arthritis?


Arthritis is a disease that causes joint inflammation, pain, and stiffness in any joint in the body but is commonly found in the small joints of the feet and ankles. All types of arthritis can make it difficult to walk and participate in activities you enjoy. People tend to associate arthritis with older adults, but arthritis can affect people of all ages. 


How Can Medical Marijuana Help With Arthritis?


Medical marijuana contains chemical properties known as cannabinoids, which activate a complicated network of molecules and cell receptors that help regulate nearly everything in the body. The cannabinoids in medical marijuana have potent anti-inflammatory properties that can potentially regulate inflammation and alleviate pain and swelling. Here are some of the ways medical marijuana can benefit arthritis in the foot and ankle:


  • Analgesic effects – Medical marijuana produces analgesic effects that are similar to but safer than opioids. Cannabis can help decrease pain sensitivity and intensity while improving pain tolerance.
  • Autoimmune and anti-inflammatory actions – The autoimmune and anti-inflammatory effects of medical marijuana can help manage arthritis in the feet and ankles and treat the underlying causes.


Diabetic peripheral neuropathy has increased in prevalence and affects nearly half of patients living with diabetes. Neuropathy can lead to significant pain in the lower extremities, and while certain medications can help with pain, many of them aren’t systematically successful. However, you may find relief from these painful symptoms with medical marijuana for diabetic neuropathy. 


What Is Diabetic Neuropathy?


Diabetic neuropathy is a form of nerve damage that occurs with diabetes. When your blood sugar is too high, it can damage the body’s nerve fibers. Neuropathy can cause damage to the nerves in your feet and legs. Some patients experience mild symptoms with diabetic neuropathy, but this condition can be disabling and painful for others. 


How Can Medical Marijuana Help Diabetic Neuropathy?


Medical marijuana can serve as a valuable alternative therapy to manage diabetic neuropathy symptoms. Medical marijuana does not pose the same side effects as steroids and is an anti-inflammatory treatment. Medical cannabis is an excellent option for those who need pain relief, and its neuroprotective properties help protect against inflammatory attacks caused by glycoproteins in the blood. Medical marijuana can be used to treat the following side effects of diabetic neuropathy in the feet and ankles:

  • Tingling
  • Burning
  • Nerve Pain
  • Inflammation

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If you are looking for an alternative method to manage your diabetic neuropathy pain, foot and ankle arthritis, or chronic pain, Dr. Hochstein can determine if medical marijuana is the right solution for you. Contact Great Neck Family Foot Care to learn more about medical marijuana for podiatric conditions.