At-Home Bunion Surgery Recovery Tips

bunion surgery recovery

At-Home Bunion Surgery Recovery Tips

Getting rid of bunions through surgery is an essential task that may take you off of your feet for several days or even weeks. That’s why we have compiled a few home bunion surgery recovery tips to speed up your healing process. While our services are among the best way to get over bunion surgery, these methods are a great way to alleviate pain while you’re at home.

Preparing Your Home Wisely

One of the best home bunion surgery recovery tips is to prepare your home for your recovery before surgery. This includes moving clutter out of the way in walking areas. You’re going to struggle to walk and may need assistance, such as a cane or a walker, for a while. By removing clutter you make it easier to get around in the house without difficulty.

It is also a good idea to stock your kitchen with enough food for your recovery. After all, you probably aren’t going to have the ability to go out and go shopping for food items. Make sure that your bathroom is stocked with all your toiletries as well. Running out of toilet paper while recovering from bunion surgery is going to be a rather scary situation!

It is also important to prepare your bedroom in a constructive way. This process includes adding extra pillows to your bedroom to ensure that you have enough to elevate your leg. You should also place small bottles of water and pain medication on your bedside stand to ensure that you have it if you need it during the night.

Care Items That Can Help

Another one of our home bunion surgery recovery tips is to ensure you have all the care items you need on hand.

Make sure to buy a few ice pads that you can freeze in the freezer and use to alleviate pain in your bunion surgery area. These pads will help reduce swelling and provide important pain relief. Avoid plastic bags filled with water and ice because these are typically too flimsy for your recovery. When applying the ice pack, keep your leg elevated to reduce swelling.

You should also buy some non-steroid painkillers such as ibuprofen. This can help keep your foot from swelling and provide relief against pain while you are walking. You can also talk to your doctor about getting high dosage versions of these medications in a prescription. Just make sure that you follow the dosing instructions properly to avoid personal injury!

Finally, stock up on high-quality bandages to replace wet or broken ones on your leg. It is also important to get crutches or a walker to ensure you can move easily through your home. While your new bandages can help protect you temporarily, they cannot replace a totally new wrap applied by a medical professional.

How We Can Help You

If you need bunion surgery or need help recovering from your surgery, we can provide you with high-quality service that can’t be beaten. For example, we can wrap your foot again after your bandages have gotten old and tattered. By getting this done professionally, you ensure that your surgery area isn’t agitated and doesn’t get infected, thus causing it to require further treatment.

Beyond that help, we can show you exercises that can help you recover the strength in your foot after bunion surgery. We can also give you tips on what types of medication are the best for your pain relief. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing you with the kind of foot care you need to recover from your surgery. If necessary, we can also perform your surgery to ensure it is done properly.

So don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our excellent services. With our help, you can get back on your feet after bunion surgery quickly and efficiently!

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