4 Ways to Alleviate a Children’s Foot Problem


If there’s one thing all parents can agree on, it’s that the only thing worse than enduring painful heel or ankle pain themselves is seeing their own child have to endure similar foot pain. If you are the parent of an athlete or just a child who is generally very active, it is quite likely […]

3 Common Foot and Ankle Injuries That Affect Young Athletes on Long Island

If you have a son or daughter actively involved in the world of sports, there is a chance that at some point they might suffer from a foot or ankle injury. Fortunately, the majority of these injuries that affect children and teenagers tend to be relatively minor and kids bounce back from them rather quickly […]

4 Common Reasons Why Your Child Might be Experiencing Heel Pain

Even the most agile, athletic children are not exempt from having to deal with pesky or downright painful heel conditions. Although most cases of heel pain in children are not serious, you will still want to get a proper diagnosis, particularly if the pain persists for several days or weeks. If your child is complaining […]

4 Common Children’s Foot Disorders

Tracking down foot problems in children can be challenging because they are not always able to fully articulate their symptoms. At Great Neck Family Foot Care, we want parents to know that foot or ankle pain in a child is never “normal.” If you notice that your child is limping, walking on tip toes or […]

Early Treatment is Key for Clubfoot

Did you know that about one in every 1,000 children is born with the deformity known as “Clubfoot” (or as it’s known by its official name, congenital talipes equinovarus)? Clubfoot describes a range of abnormal positions of the foot but usually it’s when the foot of an infant points down and inward. Although it can happen […]