Checkup Time: Back to School Children’s Foot Evaluations

Checkup Time: Back to School Children’s Foot Evaluations

Back to school time is busy and chaotic, but taking the time to make sure that your kids are healthy is critical. Summer is fun for children and they’ve likely spent it with their friends playing outside, running around the bases at the ballpark or riding their bikes. They’ve also probably spent some lots of time at the beach and at the pool, and maybe even at summer camp out on Long Island or in upstate New York.

Unfortunately, all this activity can sometimes lead to some problems with their feet that you’ll want to get a grip on quickly. The experienced Podiatrists here at Great Neck Family Foot Care are happy to meet you in our office and make sure that your child’s feet are healthy and developing properly through a foot evaluation.

Our back to school children’s foot evaluations check their feet completely for a range of conditions that can cause problems, but that are not so obvious they may have recognized them as a problem. Handling foot issues early is often the best way to keep them from becoming major problems later in life.

Warts: Warts are a skin condition that are unsightly, embarrassing, and sometimes painful. Typically, plantar warts occur on the bottom of the foot, and are hard, thick patches of skin. Typically the size of a pencil eraser, they can grow up to two inches in size and cause significant pain when walking.

Fungal infections: Fungal infections cause redness, burning, itching and peeling. Athlete’s foot, in particular, is common and often picked up in any warm, moist environment, like a swimming pool, the beach, or a locker room.

Injuries: Children sometimes hurt themselves, but don’t realize the severity of the injury. A good examination can turn up things like hairline fractures or long-term inflammation caused by an injury.

Flat feet: Flat feet, or fallen arches is actually much more common in the general population than most people realize, with 20-30 percent of the population afflicted. Flat feet can cause children to have pain or fatigue after walking, or even pain in their joints, but this can typically be corrected with medical orthotics slipped into their shoes.

Bone spurs: Bone spurs are common in feet, and are bony pieces that develop along the edge of a bone, or where bones meet in your joints. Though typically caused by osteoarthritis, an injury can create a bone spur as well.

Bunions: A bunion is a bump that forms on your big toe, causing it to stick out and be uncomfortable. Sometimes the skin is red and sore, and it’s typically caused by wearing shoes that are too narrow or too tight. Other causes are heredity, stress on the foot or a medical issue like arthritis.

Hammertoes: A hammertoe is caused by muscle and ligament problems in the middle too joint, which causes the to bend and get stuck, or to curl under, which is common with baby toes. Hammertoes can cause rubbing and irritation, apart from being embarrassing, and they are typically caused by ill-fitting shoes. Catching this before the toe becomes inflexible in its position is important, and even more so in people with poor circulation or diabetes.

No matter what types of foot problems you might see in your children, yourself or your spouse, we are ready to handle them and get you the relief you need. We treat all ages and people of varying degrees of health.

Our Board Certified foot and ankle surgeons will diagnose and treat any foot disorder, and treat you with the utmost care and compassion. Choose Great Neck Family Foot Care for all of your Podiatric needs.

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