Wound Care Services on Long Island For Diabetic Patients

There are millions of Americans who are impacted by diabetes, and nearly 2 million of Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year. Diabetes is a disease that occurs when the blood glucose levels are above the normal levels. The majority of the foods that we consume is turned into sugar. Our bodies use the sugar, or glucose, […]

The Essentials Of Wound Care

Foot and ankle wounds can be painful and debilitating. Some minor wounds can be cared for at home, but for others you need help from Long Island medical professionals who are experienced in wound care.  A wound is a laceration or breaking of the skin, often with damage to underlying tissue. So the skin’s function, which […]

Frequently Asked Questions Surrounding Wound Care Services

Injuries are an unpleasant fact of life. They come in many shapes and sizes, each with unique needs and treatments. Many wounds are simple and easy to treat. Sometimes gentle cleaning and a fresh bandage are all that’s needed. However, some injuries present far greater difficulties, particularly in the area of successful healing. These injuries […]

Preventing Diabetic Foot Wounds

Did you know that the number one reason that diabetics are hospitalized in the United States is foot infections?  Great Neck Family Foot Care offers the highest quality diabetic foot care for patients in Nassau County. We want you to be informed about diabetic foot wounds and how to prevent them. People suffering with diabetes […]

Long Island Podiatrist / Wound Specialist Treats Diabetic Ulcers

Diabetes is a disease affects multiple organs in the body. It affects a patient’s immune system, nervous system and circulatory system just to name a few. In a controlled diabetic patient, the effects of diabetes are usually well controlled. When complications of the disease occur, often the feet are the first to be affected. Long […]