Wound Care Services on Long Island For Diabetic Patients

Wound Care Services on Long Island For Diabetic Patients

There are millions of Americans who are impacted by diabetes, and nearly 2 million of Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year. Diabetes is a disease that occurs when the blood glucose levels are above the normal levels. The majority of the foods that we consume is turned into sugar. Our bodies use the sugar, or glucose, for our energy. The pancreas in our bodies is what makes the hormone insulin.

When someone has diabetes, his or her body does not make enough insulin or that person’s body cannot use the insulin the way it is supposed to be used. As a result, a significant amount of sugar builds up in that person’s blood. This can result in foot ulcers or other serious complications.

Diabetic Patients and Foot Ulcers

Over 10 percent of the diabetic patients will eventually develop ulcers on their feet. Foot ulcers can result in serious complications, and these complications can result in the foot being amputated if there is not proper care. Unfortunately, many diabetic patients do not receive the proper foot care, and this means that thousands of these patients will have one or both of their feet amputated.

 Lack of Sensitivity

As time goes on, many diabetic patients will eventually lack sensitivity in one or both feet. When someone does not feel any sensation in their feet, this can result in them obtaining scrapes, cuts, scratches, sores, etc. that will not be noticed because there is no sensation in the feet. Diabetes can also mean that there will be a decrease in blood flow. When the blood flow is diminished, the wounds in the feet cannot heal properly. It is important that all diabetic patients take proper care of their feet.

Wound Care In Your Area

When it comes to wound care in the New York Metro and the Long Island, NY areas, many people are unaware that there is help for those who need wound care performed on their foot ulcers. There are a few reasons why some people are hesitant to receive wound care, and two of those reasons are that they are in denial about their condition and that they may be afraid. When someone is looking for wound care, it is important that care and treatment are sought ahead of time. Many people are not aware of how bad their wounds are until it is unfortunately too late.

When Should You Seek Wound Care?

We suggest that you seek treatment for your wounds when:

  • You notice that one or more of your wounds does not appear to be healing (appears to be getting larger, or deeper)
  • Your wound is infected (You notice drainage, or you notice swelling, redness or you feel feverish
  • Your wound is constantly causing you pain, your wound is swelling, or your wound produces a bad smell

Diabetic complications are the main reasons why so many non-traumatic leg amputations occur. Please do not hesitate to contact us today to discuss your wound.

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