Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes is a disease classified by prolonged spikes in blood sugar levels. Diabetes results in a lack of insulin being produced in the body, causing cells to have difficulty absorbing sugar from the blood to be used as energy. Because the cells are unable to absorb the sugar from the blood, increased blood sugar is a result. The extended periods of high blood sugar caused by diabetes can impact several areas of the body, especially the feet. If you have diabetes and are suffering from any associated foot problems, we have extensive options for diabetic foot care in Manhasset at Great Neck Family Foot Care.

Foot Problems Caused By Diabetes:

Many foot complications can arise as a result of having diabetes. However, the two most common are Diabetic Neuropathy and Peripheral Arterial Disease. 

  • Diabetic Neuropathy: A form of nerve damage, most commonly in the feet, that is caused by having diabetes over an extended period of time. The high blood sugar levels in the body caused by diabetes cause damage to the nerves in the feet. Diabetic Neuropathy can cause numbness and lack of feeling in the feet. Because of the lack of feeling, those suffering from it may not be aware of the manifestation of other foot problems such as irritation, soreness, and infection. This puts them at an increased risk for other potential symptoms such as cuts, sores, blisters, and gangrene. 
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD): PAD occurs when blood vessels become narrowed as a result of buildup on their walls. It is most commonly diagnosed in diabetic patients when it causes problems in the feet or legs. The buildup in the blood vessels caused by PAD results in a lack of blood flow and oxygen to the legs and feet. This can result in pain while walking as well as tingling, numbness, and feelings of coldness while resting.   

Although Diabetic Neuropathy and PAD are the most common foot problems in those with diabetes, they often result in the occurrence of many other complications.

How Can Diabetic Foot Care in Manhasset Help? 

At Great Neck Family Foot Care, we have a team of podiatrists who are prepared to help you with all of your diabetic foot care needs. Dr. Alec Hochstein is the head of our group, as he provides proficient care in the treatment of diabetic/feet-related complications. We strive to provide the best diabetic foot care in Manhasset for all of our patients who require this type of care.

Depending on the severity of your diabetic foot problems, there are both surgical and nonsurgical treatments available. 

  • Nonsurgical treatment: Nonsurgical methods are more common as a podiatrist will not recommend surgery unless it is necessary. Among the most common nonsurgical treatments used by podiatrists are cleaning and dressing any wounds, providing immobilization devices such as casts or boots, and closely observing any sores or gangrene.
  • Surgical treatment: In more severe cases, surgical treatment may be required to treat diabetic foot problems. Some of the more common surgical methods include performing arterial bypass surgery for PAD to increase blood flow, removing decaying tissue, amputating any severely infected areas, and performing endovascular surgery to help keep blood vessels open.

If you believe that you are suffering from foot problems associated with diabetes, contact us today at Great Neck Family Foot Care for some of the best diabetic foot care in Manhasset!