4 Reasons to Use Laser Treatment For Fungal Toenail Infections

4 Reasons to Use Laser Treatment For Fungal Toenail Infections

Nobody likes to talk about them, but they are more common than you might realize. A fungal toenail infection can be an irritating condition that plagues anyone from the spry, young athlete to the middle-age working man to the retired senior citizen. When you get this infection it is not only embarrassing, but painful and gets in the way of you enjoying your day-to-day routine. That is why it’s best to see a podiatry specialist as soon as you start noticing problems in order to ensure that the infection does not escalate and become even more inconvenient. And if you are like most people, you may never have heard about laser treatment for fungal toenail infections, but in this post we will go over a few reasons why it is such an effective treatment.

  1. It’s Harmless: You are already dealing with enough pain thanks to that pesky fungal infection, so why would you want to put yourself through a treatment that causes even more discomfort? The great news is that laser treatment effectively kills the fungus without causing the patient any pain. While some patients say they felt a slight heating sensation, it is never painful or even uncomfortable in the slightest and anesthesia is not needed for the procedure.
  2. It’s One of The Most Effective Forms of Treatment: Laser treatment doesn’t just do a great job of killing off the infection, it actually promotes healthier, stronger nails. The treatment is so effective and fast-acting that patients report feeling healthier, pain-free nails in a quicker fashion than they would with other forms of treatment. Why put yourself through the pain of a fungal toenail infection when you can get it treated swiftly and powerfully with lasers?
  3. It’s Incredibly Safe: Though effective, some forms of fungal toenail infection treatments come with side effects. If you take an oral medication to get rid of a fungal toenail infection, it could come with some health risks, depending on who you are and what kind of reactions you have to certain medications. However, laser treatment has a proven track record of unparalleled safety. There have been no injuries, no bad reactions, and n side effects that come from laser treatment, making it one of the safest treatment options available today. If you are concerned about taking an oral medication or already know that you would have an adverse reaction to it, talk to a podiatry specialist about laser treatment.
  4. It Prioritizes Convenience For You: Most people simply don’t have the time to endure complex procedures and extensive treatments for something like a fungal toenail infection. The good news with laser treatment is that every session only takes one hour. Usually, the sessions take place occasionally throughout a three month period to completely get rid of the infection. However, the number of times you go in for treatment will depend on the severity of the infection. Another convenient factor of this laser treatment procedure is that immediately following it you will be able to get up and walk on the treated foot without feeling any pain or needing any assistance. Unlike many surgeries, laser treatment is so noninvasive that afterward you can get up, put on the shoes you wore into the medical center, and drive or walk off to where you need to go next.

Want to learn more about laser treatment for fungal toenail infections and the many benefits that come with it? Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more or inquire about treatment options for more foot conditions whether it is related to an infection, injury, or other common problem.

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