Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus

How does the Nail Fungus Laser work?

These innovative medical devices use beams of light at various wavelengths that painlessly shine through your toenail. It passes through healthy tissue without affecting it, and inactivates and destroys the fungal pathogens that are embedded in your nail bed and nail plate.

Does the laser treatment for toenail fungus hurt?

These laser light beams causes no harm to the nail itself or the tissue surrounding it. A few patients report feeling a sensation of heat, but there is never a need for anesthesia and most patients feel no discomfort whatsoever.

How long will it take to have a treatment?

Our average toenail fungus treatment appointment requires less than an hour, and we provide multiple treatments over the course of 2-3 months to give our patients the highest success rates. These follow up treatments are included in the cost of the nail fungus laser treatment.

How successful is the New York laser fungal treatment?

This technique has proven itself successful on patients around the world. The great majority of patients receiving this treatment show substantial improvement in the health of their nails, and most of the time the fungal infection is completely cured. Healthy-looking toenails are possible for you!

How soon will I see improvement?

A full toenail takes about 9 to 12 months to regenerate, on average. You’ll be able to see the new healthy growth within the first three months following treatment. The older part of your nail will not discolor or fall off, because this effective treatment is also very gentle.

How safe is this laser toenail treatment?

We have seen NO problems, adverse reactions, injuries or side effects in all the hundreds of patients that we have treated by this technique. This flawless safety record is all the more significant when contrasted with the health risks associated with oral anti-fungal medications, which include liver and kidney damage. There are no known side effects associated with laser treatment for toenail fungus.

Will I be able to walk right after having the treatment?

Yes; the treatment is gentle and does not cause any disturbance or discomfort to your feet. You can put your shoes on right after the treatment and walk straight to a nail shop to have a pedicure done, if you like. Your feet will not feel any different.

Is the treatment covered by insurance?

Since nail fungus laser treatment is considered to be an aesthetic procedure, it is not covered by health insurance plans. However, the cost of laser treatment is LOWER than that of many prescription anti-fungal oral medications, and many patients have tried taking those for months at a time without success. We are happy to talk with you about setting up a payment plan, and we are very open and straightforward about our costs. We look forward to working with you to make this procedure fit within your budget.

Why didn’t I ever hear about this before?

This is a new technology which has just recently been approved by the FDA. Dr. Hochstein conducted his own research on its effectiveness and is glad that he is now able to offer this extraordinary state-of-the-art medical breakthrough to his patients. The office is proud to offer the highest standards of sterility and uncompromised, laser nail fungus technology to Long Island and the New York Metro area.