Common Reasons for Foot and Ankle Pain

Did you know that the average person will walk around 110,000 miles in their lifetime? That can equate to a large amount of wear and tear on the ankles and feet, which explains why these areas can often be filled with pain. Here at Great Neck Family Foot Care, we want to keep patients on their feet as long as humanly possible. We can help treat and manage all of the most common causes of foot and ankle pain, allowing you to stay on the move as long as you’d like.

Common Causes Of Foot And Ankle Pain

Due to the layout of the feet and ankles, various issues can cause them to experience pain. Even a small problem in a localized area can quickly cause pain and discomfort throughout the entire structure. That is why receiving a proper diagnosis and treatment is so crucial. Below are some of the most common causes of foot and ankle pain that our team will assist with:


  • Achilles tendonitis.

  • Arthritis.

  • Bone breaks.

  • Bunions

  • Bursitis.

  • Fallen arches.

  • Fungal infections

  • Gout.

  • Heel spurs.

  • Ligamentous issues.

  • Plantar fasciitis.

  • Problematic footwear.

  • Stress fractures.


Pain Prevention Methods

Although the list of what causes foot and ankle pain is long, there are ways to help prevent this discomfort. By taking an active role in this prevention, you can steer clear of the doctor’s office and spend more time doing the activities you love. Some of the best prevention methods our expert podiatrists recommend can include the following:


  • Try to keep a healthy weight, so you don’t put excess stress on your feet. 

  • Always wear shoes that properly support your ankles and arches.

  • If you’re starting a new exercise program, be sure to increase the intensity gradually.

  • Focus on administering proper foot care methods.


Treating Foot And Ankle Pain

When patients cannot prevent pain on their own, seeking out professional treatment should be at the top of their to-do list. Our team is well versed in treating ailments of these areas and will administer the treatments that allow patients to return to full strength. Depending on the issue you’re dealing with, any of the below methods can be used:


  • Bracing or casting to immobilize the area while it heals.

  • Prescribing anti-inflammatory or pain medication.

  • Recommending periods of rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

  • In severe cases, surgery.


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