Foot Odor

What Causes Sweaty, Smelly Feet?

Our feet have over 250,000 sweat glands, which means problems with foot odor are quite common, especially amongst very active people. When we sweat, thousands of bacteria accumulate and feed off of the oils we emit, causing an unfortunate and undesirable smell. Since the feet are already prone to sweating, this effect can become even greater when we wear shoes and socks. These essential clothing additions create a dark, damp space that serves as a friendly environment for bacteria to grow and live off of our perspiration.

When your feet sweat excessively, it’s possible you have a genetic condition called hyperhidrosis which affects the production of sweat. You may have this benign, hereditary condition if you find yourself sweating without cause. If you’re sweating more than you used to, it may be caused by stress, body changes, fluid consumption, or certain medications. Are you concerned about excessively sweaty feet and looking for a podiatrist in Douglaston? Contact our office here at Great Neck Family Foot Care.

How to Prevent it?

While sweat is a beneficial function that helps our bodies maintain a proper temperature, there are some ways to keep foot sweat under control and in turn prevent the condition of smelly feet. Here are some pointers:

  • Make sure you wash your feet every day; clean them in warm, soapy water and be sure to rinse and dry well to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Always wear clean socks made of cotton (or another absorbent material) and make sure to change them at least once per day; be sure to always wear socks with closed footwear to absorb the sweat that may be trapped in your shoes.
  • Wear clean footwear made of breathable materials to allow air circulation; alternate footwear and do not wear the same pair for consecutive days, especially if you’re working out.
  • Apply powder to your clean and dry feet to help absorb any excess moisture; use antifungal powder for an even greater result.
  • Soak feet daily to help control odor (there are Epsom salts, herbal, black tea, and vinegar foot soak remedies that are recommended).
  • If needed, a foot antiperspirant spray may be right for you.

Podiatrist in Douglaston

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