Hammertoe is known as an abnormality of the toes that are considered deformities. They often do not straighten out, and this can cause mild to severe pain and discomfort. The muscle and tendon imbalance often leads to bending of the toes. When wearing shoes, the pain and irritation can increase especially if the shoes are very tight. Our podiatrist in Douglaston will be able to help you with any questions and concerns you may have. Great Neck Family Foot Care is here to help you get the right treatment for you and your hammertoe(s). For further information on scheduling an appointment, please visit our contact page. Please continue reading for a more in-depth assessment of this condition.

Symptoms May Include:  

  • Swollen or inflamed toes. It can also cause an itchy rash if the toes are swollen enough that your shoes cause them more irritation.
  • There can also be a burning sensation in or around the area.
  • Pain can be anywhere from mild to very severe, depending on how much the toes are bending.
  • Corns or calluses can form if the shoes you’re wearing are rubbing against the area.
  • Difficulty walking can happen if the hammertoe (or toes) have not been treated and are very severe.
  • Wearing any tight or narrow shoes can create further damage to the deformed toe(s). It is best to make sure you buy shoes that are not ill-fitted and are comfortable to walk in.
  • Blisters can also occur, but it is essential not to pop any because that can cause infection and even worsen any other symptoms.

It is imperative to see our podiatrist in Douglaston to make sure the pain does not get worse and does not limit your mobility. If you wait too long to get treated, the toes around the area can also become deformed. This happens when the hammertoe forces the other toes out of position. Wearing the correct shoes that fit you well plays a significant role in making sure that you can stay as comfortable as possible. Insoles are also a great option to increase comfort and reduce any pain. Our podiatrist in Douglaston can help you get active again. Contact us today to get the treatment you need for aiding your recovery process.