Think You Have a Heel Spur? It Might Actually Be Something Else

Think You Have a Heel Spur? It Might Actually Be Something Else

When people begin to experience heel pain, the overwhelming majority of them will simply assume that they are suffering from the all-too-common heel spur. And although heel spurs are indeed common, it is also highly likely that your heel pain is being triggered by something else. After all, 50% of people who have a heel spur do not actually feel pain, so there is a good chance you have something else causing the pain. In this post, we will take a look at four things that could be causing your heel pain that isn’t a heel spur.

  1. Arch Pain: If your pain is based mainly in the arch of your foot (and a little bit in the heel), chances are the pain isn’t caused by a heel spur, but by plantar fasciitis. If you notice your pain affects you first thing in the morning or as soon as you start walking, you are most likely suffering from plantar fasciitis or some other condition. To get a proper diagnosis and the best treatment, visit a podiatry specialist to get to the root of the problem.
  2. Excessive Running: If you are an avid runner or participate in sports that require lots of running, jumping, and other strenuous movement, you are using the ball of your foot the majority of the time and therefore putting a lot of stress on it. This stress is caused by inflammation from overuse and will slowly creep up on the rest of your foot, including your heel. If you have been running excessively or overdoing it during sports and notice that you are suffering from heel pain, take a few days off to recover. If the pain has disappeared, you will know it was caused by overuse and you can slowly ease your way back into physical activity. If the pain is still persisting, call a podiatry specialist to get a proper diagnosis.
  3. Overuse of Your Feet: Sometimes heel pain is caused by something as simple as overusing your feet. Anyone who works on their feet all day long, does a lot of long-distance running, or has to carry excessive weight with them when they are walking has an increased risk of developing heel pain. What you might suspect is a heel spur might actually be an irritated Achilles tendon (the part of your body that connects your calf muscle to your heel bone). When the Achilles tendon is overused, it becomes inflamed and uncomfortable. When you start to experience this heel pain, try being conscious of how much time you spend on your feet all day and make a plan to rest as often as possible. If the pain persists even with rest, speak to a podiatry specialist about what else could be causing your pain.
  4. High Heels: One of the worst things you could do for your feet is wear high heels all day long, everyday. Not only do heels have a harmful effect on your posture, they are very unhealthy for feet. When women wear high heels excessively, they can develop a condition known as Morton’s neuroma, which causes the nerve tissue surrounding the toes to harden. This process will often lead to pain and sometimes even numbness in your heel and other parts of your feet. Try limiting the amount of time you spend walking in heels and you will very likely notice the pain disappear.

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