Preparing for Foot Surgery

Preparing for Foot Surgery

At Great Neck Family Foot Care, our first line of defense for most podiatric conditions is a conservative treatment plan. Many disorders can be greatly relieved or even eliminated using orthotics, physical therapy, splinting and just plain resting the foot. There are times, however, when conservative measures do not produce satisfactory results and surgery may be the only option. Some common foot problems that may be resolved by surgery include: bunions, flat feet, Neuromas, toe deformities and fractures.

If you do require surgery, you want to be sure that the doctor who performs your surgery is highly experienced in the procedure you are having. Our doctors, Alec Hochstein, DPM and Diana Gagliano, DPM are board certified foot and ankle surgeons with many years of experience performing a wide variety of toe, foot and ankle operations.

What You Should Know

Before you undergo surgery, the foot doctor will take the time to explain the entire operation and answer all of your questions. Information you will want includes:

  • Where the surgery will be performed. Sometimes for minor operations, the doctor can take care of it in the office with local anesthesia. Other options include a local surgical center or hospital.
  • Type of anesthesia that will be used. If the operation will not be performed under local anesthesia will there be sedation or will you be completely put out?
  • The amount of time the surgery will take.
  • After care requirements. In the case of most surgeries, the affected foot will have to be immobilized with a cast, splint, bandage or surgical shoe for some period of time. Ask if you will have stitches and if so, how long before they will be taken out. Your podiatrist may prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication for pain but you should not take anything on your own without first checking with the foot doctor.
  • Long term prognosis. You will want to know how likely it is that the operation will correct the problem and also if physical therapy or other long term treatments will be necessary.

At Great Neck Family Foot Care we want you to feel completely comfortable with a surgical procedure before you have it. If you have concerns about podiatric surgery, contact our Great Neck office. Remember, if you are unable to make it into our office due to a medical condition, we can come to you. Ask about scheduling a house visit when you call.

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