Flatfoot Correction

Have you ever noticed that when you step onto a bath mat after the shower that your footprint appears as two segmented parts? Broken down into the ball and the heel, leaving a noticeable footprint. Or does it appear as the entire foot, with no gaps or spaces in the mid-section? If your entire foot touches the ground, you probably have flat feet.

Flat foot occurs when the tendons that hold the muscles into an arched position on the soles of your feet are weakened or damaged due to a few different factors. Sometimes flat feet can occur over time due to injury, aging, or other conditions such as diabetes. In other instances, the flat foot can be due to genetic or hereditary abnormalities.


Symptoms of flatfoot include pain in the middle of the foot, where your foot arch should be, pain in the ankles, calves, and knees. If you have severely flat feet that cause pain or problems with walking, a podiatrist in Little Neck such as Great Neck Family Foot Care can help to determine the cause and offer solutions.

How Can We Correct Flat Feet?

There are several different treatments for flatfoot, however, only surgery can offer long-lasting benefits for those with flat feet. Some things a podiatrist in Little Neck might recommend for this condition include:

  • Supportive shoes specifically for flat feet to reduce pain while walking in the shoes.
  • Custom orthotics specifically for flat feet to take the pressure off the middle of the foot where arches should be located.
  • Certain medications, ask your podiatrist for recommendations.
  • Exercises and stretches that can strengthen certain parts of the foot.
  • Corrective surgery to permanently cure flatfoot.

Surgery Options:

There are a few different surgery options for those suffering from a flat foot. Depending on your particular case, a podiatrist in Little Neck may suggest the following procedures:

  • Tendon Transfer/Lengthening.
  • Realignment of Bones.
  • Joint Fusion.
  • Subtalar Implant.

The most commonly recommended surgical option is the Subtalar Implant. It is minimally invasive and requires very little downtime. During this corrective procedure, a device is implanted into the sole of the foot which works as an internal orthotic within the body. This device helps to maintain the arch in the foot and can bring long-lasting effects in the way you walk.

If you are suffering from flat foot and are looking for a podiatrist in Little Neck, we can help! At Great Neck Family Foot Care, our team can treat your condition and offer to relieve you of the pain and discomfort that comes along with this issue. Visit our website to schedule your first appointment today!