The Benefits of Bunion Surgery

The Benefits of Bunion Surgery

Bunions can be stressful, as they often cause pain when performing everyday tasks; additionally, they can cause individuals with bunions to feel embarrassed about the way their feet look. Fortunately, bunion surgery can help to relieve this stress that bunions can cause. If you have a bunion, then it is likely that you have looked into the treatment options available, and are trying to decide if bunion surgery would be right for you. To help you in making this important decision, here are just a few of the benefits choosing bunion surgery could provide you with.

Relief from Chronic Foot Pain

Many Long Island patients choose bunion surgery to reduce the amount of pain they are experiencing; this is particularly true for people with larger bunions. While bunion size is not necessarily an indicator of the amount of pain it will cause, as small bunions can also cause severe pain, the greater misalignment of the toes caused by larger bunions often does increase the likelihood of these patients experiencing pain and discomfort during their daily activities. For these individuals, bunion surgery can provide relief by allowing them to return to their regular routines pain-free.

Be Able to Find, and Comfortably Wear, Shoes

Whether or not your bunions are painful, large bunions can often make it difficult to wear shoes, and it can also make it difficult to find shoes that fit. This often limits the shoe selection these people have to choose from, as they may need to choose larger, roomy shoes that can accommodate, and won’t put pressure on, their bunion. Shoes can be particularly problematic for patients with painful bunions, as it can be nearly impossible for them to find shoes that are comfortable for them to wear throughout the day. After surgery, however, patients have more freedom to comfortably and confidently wearing the shoes they want to wear. Many even report being able to wear pointed-toe and high-heeled shoes for the first time in years.

Get Moving Again

For individuals with painful bunions, their bunions can actually be negatively affecting their health. This is because the excruciating pain bunions can cause can make it difficult to get the proper daily exercise needed to stay healthy. For this reason, people who suffer from painful bunions often lead more sedentary lifestyles. If this has happened to you, you will likely be surprised by how much more active your life can become once your bunion has been corrected. You can once again get outside, go to the gym, or hit the trail with your family without having to worry about the pain it will cause, which can help to greatly improve your physical, and mental health.

Regain Your Self-Confidence

People with bunions also often suffer from a lack of self-confidence and feelings of embarrassment about the way their feet look. For these individuals, bunion surgery can be truly life-changing as it will not only alter the way their feet look, but it can also alter the way they feel about themselves. No longer will you have to worry about what others are thinking when you go to the beach or the pool; and you will no longer have to wear closed-toed shoes out of embarrassment about the way your feet look in sandals. You can go out with a newfound confidence in the way you look.

For people who suffer from bunions, bunion surgery can be truly life-changing. However, it is normal to feel uncertain about the thought of surgery, and to feel nervous about this prospect. However, there is no need to suffer from the pain, stress, and embarrassment bunions can cause. Contact us at our Great Neck NY office to learn more about what bunion surgery entails and how you could benefit from this procedure.

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