When To Contact A Podiatrist About A Wart

When To Contact A Podiatrist About A Wart

Many people will deal with foot warts at least one point in their life. While some view this as purely a cosmetic issue, that is not necessarily the case. There are times when warts should receive immediate attention from a podiatrist. Here at Great Neck Family Foot Care, we are well versed in this area. Our expert podiatrist, Dr. Hochstein, will let you know when a wart should be checked out and what can be done for treatment.

Recognizing A Wart

To get a wart checked out, patients must first understand what to look for. The sooner its development is spotted, the quicker care can be administered if necessary. Plantar warts are the most common one’s a person can develop on their feet, and signs that point to them include:

  • A rough surface of the skin with a well-defined boundary.
  • Raised, fleshy areas of skin on the bottom of your feet.
  • Growths are grayish or brownish in appearance.
  • There are one or more tiny black pinpoints in the center of the growths.
  • These areas experience pain or tenderness when weight is pressed against them.  

When To See A Podiatrist

Sometimes, plantar warts can begin to dissipate on their own. However, waiting too long to receive care can lead to a plethora of problems. Additionally, if you aren’t careful, you can spread these warts to another person. That is why when any of the below apply to you, and an appointment should be made right away:

  • Your warts begin to bleed or change in appearance.
  • They are persistent, clearing up and returning regularly.
  • You have diabetes, nerve damage, or low sensitivity in the feet. 

What Are Your Options For Treatment

If you’re faced with plantar warts that you want to be treated, you may be wondering how this can be achieved. Fortunately, we have various options that can be utilized to improve your condition. Some of the most effective ones include:

  • Topical medications.
  • Laser therapy.
  • Cryotherapy.
  • Minor surgery to remove warts.

Contact Our TeamĀ 

Although they are common, plantar warts do not need to be a permanent part of your life. At Great Neck Family Foot Care, we can offer the treatment methods you need. To schedule your first appointment for care, contact our team today.

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