We Can Help With Plantars Warts!

Swift Treatment for Warts

We Can Help With Plantars Warts!

Plantar warts, or verruca pedis, are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) that infects the outer layers of skin on the soles of your feet. This wart usually appears as a scaly and rough growth on the skin with tiny dark spots. They can become painful with physical activity, and excessive pressure to the skin on your feet can cause a corn or callus to form and cover the plantar wart.

When this happens, it can be challenging to spot a plantar wart, and it can easily be mistaken for a callus. A small crack or cut on the bottom of your feet can potentially allow HPV to infect the skin. This virus can live on wet and warm surfaces, like the ground around a swimming pool, locker room, or shower stall. If you walk barefoot in shared damp spaces, you can be at higher risk for developing warts. Fortunately, we offer SWIFT® MICROWAVE THERAPY for warts to treat this issue with minimal discomfort and no downtime! 

Avoiding Plantar Warts

The summer is prime time for plantar warts to develop. Maintaining good foot hygiene and keeping your feet dry are crucial to prevent plantar warts. Here are some more tips for avoiding this painful condition:

• Wear dry and clean shoes and socks.

• Change your socks every day and clean the insides of your shoes. 

• Avoid sharing shoes, socks, or towels with others.

• Avoid walking barefoot, and wear shoes around common public areas. 

• Clean your shower and bathroom regularly at home. 

• Visit Great Neck Family Foot Care for SWIFT® MICROWAVE THERAPY for warts to treat the root cause of this issue. 


SWIFT® MICROWAVE THERAPY for warts is a new licensed technology proven to successfully remove skin lesions, such as plantar warts. SWIFT® utilizes microwave energy through a probe to effectively treat affected tissues. Depending on the individual, patients can find their plantar warts resolved in just 2-3 treatments. After this treatment, patients will experience little to no discomfort and minimal interruption of their everyday activities. Contact Dr. Hochstein today to see if this treatment is right for you! 

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If you discover an ulcer on your foot, Dr. Hochstein will be there to help! At Great Neck Family Foot Care, we strive to provide our patients with quality care so they can make a full recovery and feel comfortable on their feet. Be sure to contact our team today to learn more about SWIFT® MICROWAVE THERAPY for warts!

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