Helping You Feel Your Best THis Summer

Helping You Feel Your Best THis Summer

At Great Neck Family Foot Care, we want to help you look your best in time for summer. If you are dealing with unwanted body hair, toenail fungus, or spider veins, Dr. Hochstein can help! He can use the clinically-proven excel V+ Laser to remove these ailments and help you feel confident in your own skin.

The excel V+ Laser

The excel V+ Laser is a non-invasive treatment that uses wavelengths to promote healing. This treatment is clinically-proven and backed by the world’s leading physicians so that you can feel confident in its safety and efficacy. If you are looking for ways to treat your ailments, consult with our team to discover if this treatment is right for you!

Hair Removal

With the temperature outside increasing as we approach summer, most of us will undoubtedly start to show more skin. However, if unwanted body hair makes you want to cover up, our excel V+ Laser can help! While we know that shaving is a viable option, it can be a hassle to shave those dark, deep-rooted hairs that just keep coming back. Dr. Hochstein will utilize this laser treatment to remove unwanted hair from any area and reduce the speed and thickness at which it grows back!

Toenail Fungus Removal

Toenail fungus is a common condition that can leave your toes looking unsightly as you begin to transition from shoes and boots to sandals and flip-flops this summer! When it comes to toenail fungus, the longer you leave it untreated, the more difficult it becomes to remove. By utilizing laser treatment, Dr. Hochstein can help eradicate the problem and improve your toenail’s overall health and appearance. If toenail fungus has become an issue, you should contact our office for an appointment today!

Spider Vein Removal

Do you have a network of dark, spidery veins on the skin of your feet and legs? If so, you are dealing with what are known as spider veins. While spider veins are not inherently dangerous, they can be unsightly and make you want to cover up this summer. Luckily, Dr. Hochstein can address these veins using excel V+ Laser treatment. The clinically proven differing wavelengths allow us to treat spider veins and other vein issues and malformations. If you are looking to clear your legs of spider veins, contact our team to schedule an appointment today!

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The excel V+ Laser has successfully treated various ailments for our patients. If you are looking for ways to be free of pesky body hair, toenail fungus, or spider veins in time for summer, our team is here to help! To learn more about this treatment or to schedule an appointment, contact our team today!

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