Annual Sock Drive for the Homeless Boosts Spirits

Annual Sock Drive for the Homeless Boosts Spirits


The Coalition for the Homeless recently reported that homelessness in the New York City area surpassed all previous statistics since the Great Depression. As of August of 2016, there were a record high 61,464 homeless people in New York City. This only accounts for those who are reported through the shelters, which means there are likely more than that. A large portion of these was children. The number of homeless individuals in this area has risen 86 percent from ten years ago. With such staggering numbers and the air turning chilly, you may be wondering how you can help. The Great Neck Family Foot Care offers a way you can participate in helping out the homeless this winter season. We are now hosting our Annual Sock Drive For the Homeless. We will be collecting socks for men, women, and children and all donations will be given to the homeless. We think you will agree this is a great endeavor and hope you will join us in our effort to help someone stay warmer this winter. Here are 4 of the many reasons giving socks for the homeless is a wonderful thing to do.

Helps prevent injury to the feet

The most damaging thing that can happen to the feet during the cold weather is frostbite. Frostbite occurs when a part of the body is exposed to the cold for an extended period of time causing injury. It is especially common to the extremities such as the fingers, toes, and feet. There are different degrees to frostbite. A person can have superficial frostbite, which is an injury to the outer layer of skin. This type of frostbite can be remedied with prompt attention and by warming the area. If the frostbite goes deeper, it can affect the tissue and be more serious. Wearing protective clothing is so important in cold weather. A thick pair of socks aids those who may not own a pair of boots and will be extra protection for those who do. Warm articles of clothing is the only way to ward off frostbite for those who do not have shelter during the cold weather.

annual-sock-driveProvides the comfort of clean socks

No one likes it when their socks begin to get worn. The faded look, the little fuzz balls that rub the wrong way, the thinness in certain areas. Then the sock finally gets a hole. The stages of a sock wearing out are predictable. However, there is something so refreshing about a fresh, clean pair of soft socks. Even for those who are not homeless, nothing compares on the feet than a new pair of socks. The cushioning is still intact and the comfort is relaxing.

Shows those in need that someone cares

When a person becomes homeless, it is easy to spiral downward to hopelessness. Circumstances are difficult and many of the homeless are single, meaning they face certain loneliness, as well. Knowing someone cares certainly soothes the heart. When businesses and individuals come together and give to the homeless, it helps them understand that people care. Sometimes it is just that small act of kindness at just the right time that can turn a discouraged heart to an encouraged one.

Will put a smile on your face

Anytime you give to others, you will smile. Whether it be inwardly or outwardly, you can’t help but be happy. You can visualize that child, that mother, that man, feeling thankful for receiving his or her soft, thick pair of socks and you will smile inside.

At Great Neck Family Foot Care, we are committed to helping those in need have healthy and warm feet. Join us in our sock drive and help us deliver a record number of socks to the homeless. We are taking donations from now through February. You can mail or drop off your donation to our office at:

Great Neck Family Foot Care

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