What Causes Warts?

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Over the course of your life, you may or may not have encountered a nasty little thing called a wart. Warts grow on the skin and have varying appearances depending on the individual. There are numerous different types of warts; however, much of them come about in similar ways, with each and every one of us reacting differently to these nasty skin blemishes. At Great Neck Family Foot Care, wart removal doctor near Roslyn, we do our best to ensure whatever warts grow on your feet never stay for long, always willing to help with anything wart and foot-related. It is important to note, however, just what symptoms come with warts, what can be done to prevent them, and what ultimately causes them.

Symptoms of Warts

Warts can grow not just on the feet but on the fingers and hands, usually where they appear the most. There are not many symptoms to speak of, as much of it is a cosmetic ailment, though it does affect your health and can prove to be a serious problem when left untreated. Warts are small, fleshy bumps that can appear in several abnormal skin colors; they also have a particularly rough texture to them and usually have a minuscule, yet notable black dots, which are actually clotted blood vessels.

Preventing Warts

Properly cleaning not just your feet but your entire body properly and ensuring it’s groomed goes a long way in preventing warts, as well as not biting your fingernails. Avoiding contact with other warts is also advised, as it spreads the virus that causes them, HPV, or Human PapillomaVirus. Great Neck Family Foot Care, wart removal doctor near Roslyn, is here for any other questions or concerns you may have regarding warts.

Causes of Warts

As you may have already figured out, warts are often caused by not taking proper personal hygiene seriously, as coming into contact with germ-filled objects or other warts can contaminate you and give you warts yourself. HPV has hundreds of forms, though only a few cause warts, making any of them undesirable and best unattracted. Failure to wash your hands frequently is also an invitation for any warts to occur.

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