What Causes Toenail Fungus?

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If you find yourself with toenail discoloration, pain, or thickening of the nail, then you could have toenail fungus. If you feel uncomfortable taking your socks and shoes off in a public setting because of raised or yellow toenails, then you should visit a foot doctor in Great Neck. At Great Neck Family Foot Care, we are leaders in podiatry, our team can utilize KeryFlex nail restoration to both eliminate your toenail issues and boost your self-confidence, so you can get back to wearing your favorite open-toed shoes.

What is toenail fungus?

Onychomycosis, or nail fungus, is very common in fingers or toenails, though more common in toenails; and begins as a white or yellow spot of nail discoloration. This could grow deeper in the nail causing full discoloration, thickening of the nail, or even crumbling or breaking. 

What are some causes of toenail fungus?

Various forms of fungal organisms can break your nails. It is important to know that nail fungus can develop at any age but it has been found more commonly with older adults and those who suffer from diabetes or poor circulation to the hands and feet. As the nails age, they become brittle and dry which could result in cracks that allows the fungus to enter and grow.

What are some symptoms of nail fungus?

  1. Thickened nails, both on the hands and/or feet, or debris build-up under the nail
  2. White, yellow, or brown discoloration
  3. Brittle, ragged nails
  4. Distortion of the shape of the nail
  5. Foul odor

Prevention: Foot Doctor in Great Neck

  1. Wash and moisturize to keep skin and nails healthy and breathing
  2. Trim nails straight across and disinfect nail trimmers and files after each use to avoid any build-up
  3. Wear breathable material when wearing socks or shoes
  4. Wear footwear in public areas such as swimming pools, locker rooms, etc.
  5. Ensure health safety and sanitation guidelines are being met when choosing a nail salon
  6. Consult a foot doctor in Great Neck

When to consult a professional: Foot Doctor in Great Neck

  1. The toenail becomes increasingly discolored
  2. Thickened or deformed nail
  3. Indications of nail fungus through the raising of the nail or foul odor

Great Neck Family Foot Care, a foot doctor in Great Neck, we have innovative medical devices which use beams of light at various wavelengths that painlessly shine through your toenail. The lasers inactivate and destroy the fungal pathogens that are embedded in the nail bed and plate and painlessly pass through healthy tissue without damaging the nail itself or the skin around it. If you find that you need a foot doctor in Great Neck, look no further than Great Neck Family Foot Care.