What Causes Clubfoot In The Womb?

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Clubfoot occurs in about one in every 1,000 babies, with half of them having clubfoot in both feet. Clubfoot consists of an abnormally twisted foot when infants are born. The foot may curl to the side, have an odd shape, or point in the wrong direction. At Great Neck Foot Care, we can correct your baby’s clubfoot. It is best for a foot doctor in Great Neck NY to treat clubfoot as soon as possible.

What Causes Clubfoot?

Clubfoot happens to babies while they are forming in the womb. It occurs when the tendons and muscles in the foot grow too short, causing the foot to twist. Doctors don’t know why the tendons and muscles grow too short, but some factors make clubfoot more likely to occur. Some of the factors our foot doctor in Great Neck NY recommend to look out for include:

  • Gender- Most babies with clubfoot are predominantly male.
  • Family history- Babies with a direct family member who had clubfoot are twice as likely to get it.
  • Lifestyle choices- If the mother carrying the child smokes or uses illegal drugs, it can increase the chances of the baby having clubfoot.
  • Too little amniotic fluid- If the baby in the womb is surrounded by too little amniotic fluid, the chances of clubfoot are higher.

Treatment of Clubfoot

Shortly after birth, the baby’s clubfoot should be addressed by a foot doctor in Great Neck NY. The earlier it is caught, the less likely delays in walking will occur. One treatment option our specialist may recommend is casting. The foot is turned in the correct direction and casted to hold the foot in place. After months or weeks of casting, the baby’s bones will move into the proper place. Another treatment option suggested for more severe cases of clubfoot is surgery. During surgery, the tendons may be lengthened to allow the foot to be placed in the correct position.

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