Tips for Wound Healing This Summer

Summer is in full swing! Many of us may be looking forward to spending our days out in the sun, but if you are dealing with a foot wound, warm weather can be an obstacle in the way of your healing. Understanding wound healing issues during the summer can help you mitigate any possible difficulties. Our team at Great Neck Family Foot Care would like to share some valuable tips to help patients overcome any wound healing challenges this summer. 


Wound Healing Tips


If you’re recovering from recent foot surgery or have developed a diabetic foot ulcer, summer heat, busy schedules, and social activities can present unique challenges for wound healing. Here are some simple wound healing tips to help you this season:


  • Minimize contact with bacteria – If you have an opening in the skin, bacteria in the environment have an open pathway into your system. It’s essential to protect your wound from coming into contact with high-risk substances. Avoid swimming in open bodies of water, especially ones that are stagnant. If you are at risk of developing diabetic foot ulcers, avoid wearing open-toed shoes.  
  • Keep your bandages clean and dry – The summer heat can lead to your bandages quickly becoming damp with sweat and dirt, which can contaminate the wound. Keeping your wound dressings clean and dry will facilitate the healing process. 
  • Stay hydrated – If you’re healing from a stubborn wound on a hot day, you may need to consume a lot of water to avoid becoming dehydrated. 
  • Stay mindful of your foot health – When it comes to maintaining your health, the feet are often the last thing people think about. It’s essential to take proper care of your feet during any season, especially for people with diabetes. If you are dealing with a wound on your foot, it’s best to speak with Dr. Hochstein to determine the best course of action. 


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You can keep your healing process on track this summer by paying close attention to wound healing challenges. If you are dealing with a troublesome wound that is not healing or growing worse, be sure to visit our team at Great Neck Family Foot Care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!