Sterile Pedicures – Offered In Office!

With Long Island beginning to open up, many people will be ecstatic with the fact that they will soon be able to get a pedicure. However, it is always important to remember that pedicures can come with risks. Facilities that do not take proper safety precautions will leave clients at risk for a variety of foot ailments. Fortunately, at Great Neck Family Foot Care, we’ll help you avoid that. Our office is offering pedicures for established patients, and we’d like to share why ensuring that the area and equipment are sterile is so important.

Unsterile Pedicure Risks:  

Nail salon employees have a responsibility to meet all health codes and requirements. An unsterile workplace not only puts you at risk for contracting COVID-19 but can lead to foot issues as well. Equipment needs to be sterilized between each client. A failure to do so puts clients at risk for developing any of the below:

  • Toenail fungus.
  • Athlete’s foot.
  • Infections.

KeryFlex Nail Restoration:

Those dealing with toenail fungus often become self-conscious due to this cosmetic issue. It can also become a problem when trying to get a pedicure. Some salons may be wary to perform their services if the issue is severe enough, as it could be problematic for their other clients. You may not even want to have other people work on your feet out of sheer embarrassment. If this sounds like you, Great Neck Family Foot Care can help. We offer Keryflex nail restoration, which works by utilizing the below steps:

  • Removing the damaged nail with special tools.
  • Creating a new nail bed by applying a bonding agent to the base of your original nail.
  • Reshaping the applied KeryFlex resin to match the shape of your toe.
  • Exposing the nail to a special light for two minutes, allowing the KeryFlex to set.
  • Administering a final shape up.    

Benefits Of KeryFlex Nail Restoration:

Summer is a time for wearing open-toed shoes. However, those plagued with toenail fungus can attest to having an issue with this. Regular pedicures may not be enough to quell your cosmetic apprehensions. Extensive work may be needed to get your nail back to its previous levels of health, and that is where our team comes in. As leaders in podiatry, our team can utilize KeryFlex nail restoration to both eliminate your toenail issues and boost your self-confidence.

Contact Us:

Getting a sterile pedicure will go a long way in improving the health of your toenails. At Great Neck Family Foot Care, we’re happy to offer our patients just that. For more information on KeryFlex nail restoration, or to schedule an appointment for care, be sure to contact our team today.