Prepare Your Feet For The Warmer Weather!

During this time of year, you’re probably looking forward to a bit of sunshine and summer fun. However, after months of wearing heavy winter boots, your feet may not be summer-ready. Great Neck Family Foot Care is here to help you get your feet in summer-ready condition! Continue reading to learn more! 


Prepare Your Feet For The Warmer Weather


When your feet are hidden under thick socks, boots, and slippers, it’s easy for your foot care routine to fall to the side. Now that summer is around the corner. It is the perfect time for warm weather preparation. To help get your feet feeling and looking summer-ready, Dr. Hochstein would like to share some foot care tips:


  • Moisturize – If you have dry skin or a history of cracked heels, this is a sign that the skin on your feet is lacking the hydration it needs. Applying moisturizer to your feet daily can help keep your skin smooth. Avoid using moisturizer in between the toes, resulting in irritation or infection. 
  • Trim Nails – Exercise care when cutting your toenails and keep them at a comfortable length. Make sure you trim the toenails straight and avoid digging into corners to prevent painful ingrown toenails. 
  • Proper Footwear – Summer footwear may be fashionable, but flip-flops and sandals can lack support. Search for summer shoes with arch support and straps to keep your foot in place while allowing your feet to breathe. 
  • Sun Care – Make sure you apply sunscreen to the ends of your toes and the soles of your feet. The skin on your feet is sensitive to sunburn, so take extra time to apply sunscreen to this area. 


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While these warm-weather tips will help your feet look summer ready, it’s always a good idea to visit our podiatrist at Great Neck Family Foot Care for an examination to ensure your feet look and feel the very best for the summer. Contact Dr. Hochstein today to request an appointment and get your feet in shape for summer!