How To Identify A Plantar Wart

Although they are not life-threatening, the development of plantar warts can be an aesthetic issue. The longer they are left to linger, the harder they are to be removed. Our team at Great Neck Family Foot Care wants our patients to be able to identify the development of plantar warts from the onslaught. For information on what you should be looking for, continue reading.

Conditions That Cause Plantar Warts

Before we dive into how to identify a plantar wart, you must be aware of what can cause them. By avoiding scenarios where warts can thrive, you’ll be taking a big step in preventing them from affecting you in any way. These scenarios include:

  • Coming into contact with warts.
  • Biting your fingernails, which can cause cracks in the skin where warts can form.
  • Using foot care products that have come in contact with warts.

Identifying A Plantar Wart

There are many different types of warts a person can suffer from. They are mostly very contagious, meaning if you develop one and begin to pick at it, warts can spread to other parts of your body. That is why getting prompt treatment is so important. Symptoms that point to the development of warts include:

  • Fleshy, grainy bumps.
  • Bumps that are rough to the touch.
  • Growths that have black pinpoint dots on the top.

When To See Our Podiatrist  

If you have begun to develop plantar warts, there are at-home methods of treatment that you can try to resolve the issue. However, sometimes professional intervention is needed to fully correct the problem. When any of the below takes place, consider reaching out to our team:

  • Plantar warts become painful and begin to change color.
  • At-home remedies have not been successful.
  • You notice the warts have begun to spread.
  • Warts begin to interfere with your ability to perform everyday activities.

Contact Us  

At Great Neck Family Foot Care, our goal is to keep our patient’s feet protected at all times. Plantar warts are just one of the many issues our podiatrist, Dr. Hochstein, will be able to help with. Identifying the fact that warts have developed is a skill everyone needs to have. If you’d like more information on how to do so or need to schedule an appointment for care, contact us today.