How Does Diabetes Affect Ones Feet?

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Foot problems are common in people who have diabetes. Although it is important for everyone to take care of their feet daily, it is especially important for individuals with diabetes. You can also keep your feet healthy by taking care of your sugar levels. If you notice even a minor wound on your foot, get treated by a podiatrist Bethpage NY right away. 

How Does Diabetes Affect My Feet?

Diabetes causes nerve damage over time. This is also known as diabetic neuropathy, which causes tingling and pain in the feet. With diabetic neuropathy, it is common to lose feeling in your feet. This is dangerous because, for example, you may not feel that you have a blister which can lead to a cut or sore. Or you might not feel the pebble in the bottom of your shoe that can cause foot ulcers. These cuts and sores become infected. Diabetes also lowers the amount of blood flow to your feet. Without sufficient blood flow, the process of healing even a minor sore becomes prolonged. In fact, if the infection gets really bad, it might never heal. If you have diabetes and notice anything from a scratch to a blister, visit a podiatrist Bethpage NY. 

How to Prevent Diabetic Foot Problems

  • Check your feet daily. Get help from a family member to have them inspect the bottom of your feet. 
  • Wash your feet well. Wash them with soap and warm water while showering. Make sure that you fully dry your feet. When moisture gets trapped, it can be harmful. 
  • Use lotion to keep your skin from cracking from being dry. Dry, cracking skin can cause sores. 
  • Dress for comfort. Avoid shoes with a high heel or pointy and narrow style. You should keep your feet in comfortable shoes with soft socks. 
  • Trim your toenails. A podiatrist Bethpage NY who specializes in foot care, can cut your toenails to prevent injury. 

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