At-Home Bunion Surgery Recovery Tips

Patients that have spent time dealing with bunions can attest to how much these growths can affect one’s quality of life. If you’re about to undergo surgery to have your bunion removed, you may be concerned about the recovery process. Fortunately, our team at Great Neck Family Foot Care is here to help with this. Dr. Hochstein, our expert podiatrist, would like to provide you with some at-home surgery recovery tips to help you get back on your feet in as little time as possible.

When To Have Your Bunion Removed 

Before providing you with recovery tips, Dr. Hochstein would first like to share some scenarios in which your bunion should be removed. Bunions are bony growths that form at the joint of your big toe. Sometimes, they can cause your big toe to be pushed over your smaller toes. However, symptoms aren’t always so pronounced or severe. Our team recommends trying to avoid surgery unless any of the below apply to you:

  • You’re unable to walk without excruciating pain.
  • Shoes no longer fit correctly due to the bump.
  • Swelling around the toe is excessive and does not subside.  
  • The misalignment of your toes has hindered your quality of life. 

What To Expect During Surgery

Understanding what takes place during bunion removal surgery will help inform your recovery process. When you do decide to go forward with your operation, you can expect any of the below to take place:

  • Removing the swollen tissue around your big toe joint.
  • Realigning your big toe. 
  • Removing the bony growth.
  • Potentially fusing the bones of the affected toes.

Recovery Tips

Just like with any other operation, a recovery period will be needed after bunion removal surgery. When you want to take an active role in the recovery process, you’ll need to follow the advice we layout. Some of the best recovery tips we can offer include:

  • Be prepared to wear a surgical boot or cast for two weeks following the surgery.
  • Avoid getting your stitches wet. 
  • Keep as much weight as possible off of your foot during the recovery process.
  • Ice your toe to reduce inflammation.
  • Wear shoes that are slightly larger than your standard shoe size to accommodate excess swelling while your foot heals.  

Contact Our Team

When you’re considering undergoing bunion removal surgery, our team at Great Neck Family Foot Care will be there throughout the recovery process. By following the previously listed at-home recovery tips, you’ll increase the odds of your surgery being a success. However, if an issue arises, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today.¬†¬†