Foot Ulcers and How to Treat Them

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Generally, when you get a bruise, scratch or other type of wound somewhere on your body, it tends to go away on its own, managing to ultimately becoming hardley noticeable overall. However, when it comes to the foot, there is a type of wound that is much more important to keep in mind: foot ulcers. Great Neck Family Foot Care, podiatrist Bayside NY, is always here to help and offer our expertise on  any and all foot issues and foot ulcers. 

Foot ulcers are wounds that do not heal ordinarily, as they tend to linger and require medical attention immediately. They are open sores in the skin when the outer layers of the skin are damaged, and the inner layers of the skin are exposed. It usually occurs when wearing terribly uncomfortable footwear or simply when the foot is injured by a hard degree of force or painful object. It is also common for the elderly, particularly those with diabetes and/or other vascular diseases. 

Any Symptoms For Foot Ulcers?

Surprisingly enough, there are not that many to speak of, aside from the obvious culprit pain.  Although, pain may not be involved with every case of foot ulcers as some do not feel any. The primary symptoms that are always present is red skin due to inflammation, an unfriendly odor and drainage. However, down the line for most of those afflicted, there is the risk of infection reaching other regions of the skin and eventually the bone, so it is important to consult a medical provider and be proactive against any future ailments to harm your foot and/or other regions of the body. Great Neck Family Foot Care, podiatrist Bayside NY knows a thing or two when it comes to treating foot ulcers and spotting symptoms.

How Exactly Are Foot Ulcers Treated?

When diagnosing foot ulcers, they are usually found via X-ray to ensure no harm has reached the bones yet. Afterward, the unhealthy affected tissue of the foot is removed. Proper care is important following the removal so the wound can heal. It is recommended that patients look into purchasing either special shoes or special padding that is friendly to the affected region and foot overall. There are no home remedies that can be taken, as foot ulcers always require utmost care and attention from a medical provider. Should there be an infection, or the foot ulcer be particularly severe, antibiotics and surgery (respectively) are necessary.

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