Mallet Toe

What is Mallet Toe?

Mallet toe is diagnosed when the joint at the end on your toe buckles. This is most common with your second toe because it’s the longest, and it is considered to be unbelievably painful. There are two different types of mallet toe, flexible and rigid. Flexible mallet toe is when it’s in the developmental stage and all the joints are moveable in the toe. Rigid mallet toe can be emblematic because the tendons and joints become tight and begin to misalign. If you think you suffer from mallet toe, then visit Great Neck Family Foot Care. Our podiatrist in Port Washington will make your feet as healthy as can be!

Risk Factors: 

There can be various risks that come along with mallet toe. It is important that you are able to identify them; they may include: 

  • Age – Likeliness increases with age.
  • Sex – More likely if you are a woman.
  • Toe Length – High risk if your second toe is longer than your bigger toe.
  • Certain Diseases – Arthritis and diabetes.


Now that we are aware of the risks that come along with mallet toe, let’s learn what can actually cause it:

  • Certain Shoes – Heels and tight shoes are more likely to cause mallet toe.
  • Trauma – Past injuries to toes can provoke mallet toe.
  • Abnormal Balance – Imbalance leads to instability.

To help avoid all of the risk factors and causes, you should contact our podiatrist in Port Washington!


When it comes to treating mallet toe, there are a few things you can do. To start, you can make a few simple changes in your everyday routine, such as: 

  • Wearing roomier, more flexible shoes.
  • Using Orthotics. 
  • Exercises that can help stretch as well as strengthen your toe muscles.

If these methods are proving to be ineffective, it is likely that a podiatrist in Port Washington will suggest surgery. The surgery will consist of releasing the tendon that had prevented your toe from lying flat. Another scenario may include your podiatrist removing a piece of your bone in order to straighten out your toe. 

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