Hammertoe Surgery

What Is Hammertoe?

Hammertoes are a condition in which the joints in your toes become stuck in a buckling, or hammer-like, position. Not only is the condition unflattering to look at, but it also can be quite serious and painful. The pressure of your toes bending can lead to the development of other problems in the future. If you believe you are suffering from this deformity, our podiatrist in Port Washington can help.

Types of Hammertoes:

Before selecting your treatment options, it’s important to determine which type of hammertoe you’re currently suffering from. The two different types of this condition are defined as:

  • Rigid Hammertoe – This is the more progressive type of hammertoe that completely stops the movement of the toe. Rigid hammertoes typically require surgical treatment.
  • Flexible Hammertoe – This less severe type of hammertoe may simply be treated with massage techniques, ice, shoe inserts, etc. 

No matter which type of hammertoe you may have, it is important to seek medical attention to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. For any questions or concerns regarding hammertoes and how a podiatrist in Port Washington can help, reach out to Dr. Alec Hochstein at Great Neck Family Foot Care. 

Surgical Options:

The severity of your hammertoe will determine which type of surgery may be best for you. The various surgical treatment options include:

  • Joint resection – This option helps treat hammertoes that are stuck in a bent position. To correct this, joint resection can be used to re-straighten the toe. This method involves cutting ligaments and tendons and removing a partial piece of the bone from the toe. By doing this, the toe can then be extended to a full range of motion.
  • Tendon transfer – For this type of procedure, the surgeon will pull on the toe’s tendon to correct it’s positioning.
  • Fusion-Process – Assembling two bones so they’re able to grow into one bone and make the toe straight again.
  • Amputation – If a person’s hammertoe condition is severe, amputation of the toe may be necessary.

If you’re a patient living with hammertoe, know that immediate action can help prevent the development of this condition from worsening! With the help of a podiatrist in Port Washington, you can eliminate those unsightly deformities. 

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