What is Hallux Varus?

Hallux Varus is a condition in which the big toe points outward and away from the other toes.  This deformity is characterized by the joint where the big toe (hallux) is deviated towards the middle, away from other toes. Hallux varus can cause pain, can displace and cause discomfort in the little toes and can result in an abnormal gait. Those with hallux varus will find it painful to wear shoes, so this is a condition that one will want to find treatment for promptly. Should you require treatment for this foot-related ailment, we suggest you contact Dr. Alec Hochstein at Great Neck Family Foot Care 

What Causes Hallux Varus?

Hallux varus is often a complication resulting from bunion surgery. However, there are other factors that may cause hallux varus, which may include any of the following:

  • Congenital factors: This can be a condition you are born with, possibly caused by a skeletal deformity or an issue with the tissues in your feet. Often, congenital hallux varus is identified and treated at birth.
  • Trauma: Certain foot injuries can cause misplaced bones, tissue, or joints, resulting in hallux varus.
  • Inflammatory conditions: Conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or psoriasis can contribute to hallux varus.

How Can I Treat Hallux Varus?

Consult a trusted podiatrist regarding your hallux varus – the earlier the diagnosis, the better. A podiatrist will be able to correctly diagnose and treat this ailment. Podiatrists will take certain measures like opting for shoes that may better suit your feet or providing a splint, but in most cases, the treatment for hallux varus is usually surgical.

Podiatrists will approach hallux varus corrective surgery differently depending on the patient’s age (younger women tend to have the most common, and most mild cases) and the severity of the disformity, or how long it has been present. Some surgeries involve simple adjustments, and more complicated ones involve the removal of joints or tissues or fusing of the joints.

Recovering from a hallux varus surgery entails relieving pressure from the foot for around two weeks (keeping it elevated) and wearing podiatrist-recommended shoes for at least six weeks.  Most patients can walk normally again after eight to twelve weeks after surgery.

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