Athlete’s Foot Treatment

Have you recently noticed that your feet are constantly itchy? Did the itch start between your toes and move down along your foot? You may be suffering from a fungal infection known as athlete’s foot. At Great Neck Family Foot Care, our podiatrist in Port Washington is well-versed in this condition. Coming to us for treatment can help rid yourself of this fungus-related issue once and for all!

What Is Athlete’s Foot?

Though the name may have you thinking otherwise, athlete’s foot can affect anyone and is not just limited to those who play sports. This fungal infection usually starts between the toes and is caused by this area being exposed to damp, warm areas. This condition is very contagious and can spread quickly when exposed to contaminated objects. Common symptoms of this condition include some of the following:

  • A scaly, red rash.
  • An Itching, stinging, or burning sensation between your toes or on the soles of your feet.
  • Cracked and peeling skin on your feet.
  • Formation of blisters.

Preventing Athlete’s Foot

Once affected by this condition, athlete’s foot can be difficult to manage. If treatment is not sought out right away, the itching and discomfort can become unbearable. To help avoid this condition from affecting you, our podiatrist in Port Washington would like to offer the below advice:

  • Change your socks regularly.
  • Wear waterproof sandals around public pools, locker rooms, and showers.
  • Keep your feet dry as often as possible.
  • Wear well-ventilated shoes.
  • Wear different pairs of shoes each day.

Treating Athlete’s Foot

Unfortunately, Athlete’s foot is typically unable to dissipate on its own. At Great Neck Family Foot Care, our podiatrist in Port Washington will be able to help you eliminate the fungus that has manifested itself onto your foot. We commonly will recommend using an antifungal cream to treat the condition. Brands such as Lotrimin and Lamisil are generally used for treatment and must be applied daily to have the desired effect.  Our podiatrist will walk you through which creams will work best, and for how long they should be administered.

Contact Our Podiatrist In Port Washington

Foot fungus can be both unsightly and unpleasant to manage. Having constantly itchy feet is no way to go through life. Our podiatrist in Port Washington can help relieve you of this discomfort in no time at all. Don’t let athlete’s foot continue to affect your life. Contact us today to receive the treatment you’ve been searching for!