Amniotic Band Syndrome

Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS) is a rare, fetal abnormality, where pieces of the amniotic sac separate from the lining of the uterus and entangle itself around limbs of the fetus. This can cause many complications for fetal development, depending on the location of the entanglement and the force of the constriction. Commonly within this syndrome, the feet can be often entangled by the amniotic strands, leading to a lack of blood flow and deformities within the feet. Our podiatrist in Little Neck can help rehabilitate deformed feet that have been affected by this devastating syndrome. Contact our office today to receive more information on what we can do to help you.  

What is Amniotic Band Syndrome and How Does it Happen?

A developing fetus sits in the mother’s uterus, floating in amniotic fluid.  This sac contains two layers, the chorion, which is the outer layer, and the amnion, which is the inner layer.  Experts believe that this syndrome occurs when the amnion experiences partial tears in the membrane, without damaging the outer layer.  The fetus then is exposed to these floating bands of membrane resulted from the tears in the amnion.

The odds of this syndrome occurring are highly unlikely, as it occurs within 1 in every 1200 fetuses.  This can cause harm to the fetus, leading to various deformities, immobilization of certain body parts, or even fetal death in the worst cases. Our podiatrist in Little Neck is able to help rehabilitate those who have been affected by this condition.

How severe is ABS?

Cases of this syndrome can vary from mild to severe.  Mild cases include the amniotic bands being wrapped around fingers or toes, causing lack of circulation.  This may result in amputation of the limbs or syndactyly, which is a condition where the fingers or toes may become attached or webbed.  This, however, with surgery, can be handled after birth.

The location that the amniotic bands constrict will depend on how the fetus is affected. It could become wrapped around their arm or leg, which then could lead to a decrease in blood supply. Which can ultimately lead to a need for amputation or conditions like a club foot.

Deformities such as cleft lip or palate can occur if a band wraps around the face or neck.  In more severe cases, the band can become entangled around vital areas such as the head or umbilical cord, which can be life-threatening to the fetus.  

Podiatrist in Little Neck

Amniotic Band Syndrome is a serious matter and can affect the livelihood of the fetus depending on the severity of the case.  Every case, however, is unique and can vary depending on where the bands are wrapped, how many bands are actively floating in the sac, and how tight they are bound.  ABS can be detected through detailed ultrasounds and should be evaluated in depth to receive an accurate diagnosis.

If you or someone you know has given birth to a child who has suffered from ABS, get in touch with our podiatrist in Little Neck at Great Neck Family Foot Care.  Our practice has been serving the Long Island community for years and upholds a strong reputation for providing quality service to our patients of all ages. Read more about Alec Hochstein, our podiatrist in Little Neck, as it is his goal to treat his patients with the highest care, and ensure they are able to live pain-free, functional lives.