Symptoms of Athlete’s Foot

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How do I know if I have an athlete’s foot? There can be many symptoms of an athlete’s foot, such as itching, burning, and many more. But these symptoms can be very uncomfortable and can prevent you from doing normal activities. So if you have this foot infection, you might want to seek help from a podiatrist Bayside NY. At Great Neck Family Foot Care, our team has a high level of experience to provide high-quality treatment for foot or ankle conditions.

What is an Athlete’s Foot?

An athlete’s foot is a common fungal infection that usually starts in between the toes and can spread to the back of the foot and the sides. It is a highly contagious infection, and it can cause spread to other parts of the body. This infection is most common in men and especially in athletic men. Athlete’s foot is not a very serious infection, but it takes time to get treated. 

What are the symptoms?

The following are symptoms of an athlete’s foot they can be present as one or in a combination:

  • Itching – your feet will be very itchy, and you would want to scratch them, but if you don’t 

Wash your hands after scratching then the infection might spread around.

  • Burning – this is another symptom of an athlete’s foot; it feels as if your feet are on fire and the burning is usually on the soles.
  • Scaling – if your feet are peeling off or if it’s very dry, then that is another symptom of an athlete’s foot. The scaling usually starts in the soles and extends to the side of the feet.
  • Blisters – small red blisters, which are little red bumps of blood that may start forming in between your toes or your soles and they can be painful.
  • Feeling uncomfortable – athlete’s foot can be very uncomfortable and can make walking difficult or uncomfortable.
  • Red Rash – this infection usually causes a red rash which often begins in between the toes and then extends to other parts of the foot.

If you have symptoms of an Athlete’s foot and are feeling very uncomfortable, you should seek a podiatrist Bayside NY to relieve the pain and treat the infection.

How can it be treated?

There are many options to treat an athlete’s foot, such as the following:

  • Keeping your feet dry and clean – if you have symptoms of an athlete’s foot then it is important you wash your feet, dry them carefully, and change socks frequently. 
  • OTC treatments – many over-the-counter treatments can help an athlete’s foot infection. They come in either sprays, lotions, or ointments, and it is recommended that they are applied at least one week after getting symptoms. 
  • Applying Neem Oil – Neem oil has great antifungal capabilities so if you have an athlete’s foot, you can apply neem oil in the infected area three times a day and massage the affected area.

Getting help from a podiatrist Bayside NY is another great way and the best way to treat an athlete’s foot as they offer proper treatments to relieve symptoms like itching and burning. Here at Great Neck Family Foot Care, we do our best to provide high-quality foot treatment for any foot condition. 

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