Is Swift Microwave Therapy Painful?

swift microwave therapy

Swift microwave therapy delivers a low dose of microwave energy through a specialized probe that targets and effectively treats the underlying HPV virus by stimulating your body’s natural immune response. It is proven to be successful in the removal of skin lesions such as plantar warts. The swift microwave therapy machine is FDA-cleared technology- which we offer here at Great Neck Family Foot Care! We will work with you and examine your condition to see if this treatment is right for you and can eliminate your skin lesions. 

What are plantar warts?

Plantar warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). These warts occur when the virus attacks the skin on the bottom of your foot. This virus can be contracted by direct contact and can be picked up through cracks in the skin. This virus survives in moist, damp environments such as puddles, locker rooms, and other places like that. Plantar warts are circular and can either be lighter or darker than the surrounding skin. These plantar warts will cause pain and tenderness to the area. 

Plantar Wart symptoms:

  • The skin lesion in your foot is bleeding, painful, or changed color
  • The wart has either multiplied or reoccurred after treatment
  • Experiencing discomfort that is preventing you from doing your normal activities
  • You have been diagnosed with diabetes
  • You have poor sensation in your feet
  • You have an immune system disorder

Depending on how the patient responds to swift microwave therapy will decide on how many treatments they will receive. Swift microwave therapy can resolve skin lesions in just 2-3 treatments. We recommend that you do each treatment within 4-week gaps of each other. 

Does swift microwave therapy hurt?

Patients may experience some slight discomfort during the treatment. The feeling during the swift microwave therapy will feel similar to an injection or a scratch but will only last about 2-5 seconds before subsiding. Some patients might feel soreness after the treatment, but it typically does not affect them to continue with their daily activities. At Great Neck Family Foot Care, we want you to be back to normal as soon as you can. If you think this treatment is right for you, contact us.