How To Heal A Diabetic Wound Fast?

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If you have diabetes, it is important to treat any foot injuries immediately because they can get infected. An infection can lead to losing your foot or even your leg, so it’s best to avoid that at all costs. Fortunately, there are some easy steps to help heal a diabetic wound fast and carefully. In need of a podiatrist in Bayside NY? You can get help from one of our specialists in our Advanced Wound Healing Center at Great Neck Family Foot Care.

What is a diabetic wound at podiatrist in Bayside NY?

A diabetic foot ulcer is an open sore or wound that occurs on the bottom of the foot and usually in patients with diabetes. 

Common Causes

You can get a foot ulcer by simply cutting yourself with anything such as a pebble in your shoe, blisters from tight shoes, or even stepping on something sharp. In some cases, diabetes may cause nerve damage which makes you lose a lot of feeling in your foot. In other cases, it takes a longer time to heal any cuts or wounds because of poor blood flow in your feet. Normally our podiatrist in Bayside NY will tell you the cause of your wound after checking it out.

Prevention– Podiatrist In Bayside NY

Getting cuts or hurting yourself can sometimes be inevitable, but taking certain precautions can avoid such small cuts to become infected and result in a serious foot ulcer. Some tips include: 

  • Inspect your feet for cuts daily
  • Wash and dry your feet well
  • Wear comfortable socks and shoes (no tight, point, narrow shoes)
  • Ask a podiatrist to cut your toenails

Healing Wounds Faster  

If you notice that you have a wound, cut, or ulcer, call one of our podiatrists in Bayside NY. Do not try to treat the wound at home because it can get infected and worsen the condition of the wound. Avoid waking around barefoot and try to cover the wound until you see a podiatrist. When seeing a specialist, they will take a good look at your wound and clean and treat it properly. While waiting to see a specialist, try to keep weight off your feet, especially if they put a cast or bandage after getting checked out.

Your Podiatrist In Bayside NY

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