Cosmetic Procedures Offered Through theExcel V+ Laser

When people think of visiting a podiatrist’s office, the first thing that likely comes to mind is finding treatment for an injury or painful condition. However, did you know that podiatrists also help with cosmetic issues of the feet? If you’re someone who gets self-conscious about showing their feet every time summer rolls around, now is the perfect time to make an appointment with us here at Great Neck Family Foot Care. Through the use of our Excel V+ laser treatment, Dr. Hochstein, our expert podiatrist, can correct these cosmetic issues and allow you to be proud of how your feet look.

Sunspot Removal During The Winter Is The Best Time:

The first cosmetic issue that can be tackled with our Excel V+ laser is sunspots. Sunspots are small, brown spots that develop over time as areas are exposed to sunlight. Although they are harmless, having spots on your feet can lead to feelings of embarrassment and be a knock to your self-confidence. However, now is the perfect time to get them removed. Dr. Hochstein will use the Excel V+ laser to remove the skin layers where the spot has developed, allowing clear skin to regrow in its place. Since sun rays aren’t as intense this time of year, now is the perfect time to do this!

Spider Veins/Telangiectasia:

Another common issue that our Excel V+ laser can help remove are spider veins/telangiectasia. You can spot this issue taking place when small, damaged veins begin to appear prominently on your feet. They are typically purple, blue, or red and appear in a web-like shape on the feet. Walking around with this issue can be a cosmetic nightmare. However, laser treatment can restore the complexion of your feet. Patients who live with the below risk factors of spider veins/telangiectasia may require this form of therapy in the future:

  • Pregnancies.
  • Genetic dispositions.
  • Being overweight.
  • Hormonal imbalances.
  • Sitting or standing for too long.

Toenail Fungus:

Toenail fungus is a problem many people face in their lifetime. When the toenails become infected, it’s essential to seek treatment right away, as the longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes to remove. That is why we highly recommend working with us this winter. Scheduling an appointment now will improve the chances of the issue being cleared up by the summer. If you notice the below symptoms on one or more toenails, the Excel V+ laser will help: 

  • Whitish to yellowish-brown discoloration.
  • Distortions in shape.
  • Brittle, crumbly, or ragged build-up under the nails.
  • Thickened or hardened nails.

Hair Removal:

Having unwanted hair on your feet and toes is a common issue many people face. While shaving and plucking them may currently be your go-to form of removal, this can be painful. Not only that but soon after you do so, you’ll need to repeat the process. Fortunately, the V+ laser will make things a bit simpler. It can be used to kill the hair follicles to keep hair off of your feet longer. It is always much less painful than plucking. Coming in no ensures your foot will be smooth and hair-free this summer!

Collagen Rejuvenation:

One final cosmetic issue our Excel V+ laser can help with is collagen rejuvenation. When your collagen levels in your feet are depleted, it can cause loose or wrinkled skin to develop. Using our laser to apply micro pulses of laser energy will stimulate collagen rejuvenation, which tightens and firms up the skin.      

Schedule Your Appointment:

Don’t let your feet be riddled with unwanted physical blemishes once again this summer. With our Excel V+ laser, the cosmetic issues you are currently facing can be eliminated. Please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Great Neck Family Foot Care today to schedule your first appointment.