Hammertoe Surgery

What Is Hammertoe? Hammertoes are a condition in which the joints in your toes become stuck in a buckling, or hammer-like, position. Not only is the condition unflattering to look at, but it also can be quite serious and painful. The pressure of your toes bending can lead to the development of other problems in […]


When it comes to exercising and staying in shape, walking is an excellent choice for people of all ages. It provides less impact on your joints than running, while still offering you a way to increase your heart rate and get the sweat flowing. However, just because it is low impact, it doesn’t mean that […]


Tennis requires a lot of sudden stops and starts, as well as repetitive side-to-side movements and jumps. These actions can be stressful on the feet and ankles for any tennis player, from the beginner to the pro. In light of this, common tennis injuries include ankle sprains, stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, and, of course, tennis […]

Running & Jogging

Running and jogging are popular forms of cardiovascular exercise. Conveniently, running and jogging can be done alone or in groups, indoors or outside, any time of day, and during any season. However, proper conditioning, stretching, exercise, and footwear are important to avoid foot injuries during running or jogging due to the high impact on the […]


While playing on a typical 18-hole golf course, a golfer walks up to five miles, which adds up to about three to five hours of standing and walking. In addition to spending many hours on your feet, the biomechanics of a powerful, successful swing also rely on properly-positioned feet. Golf shoes should therefore be comfortable, […]

General Information About Foot & Ankle Fitness

Despite the wealth of knowledge feet provide about overall health and undetected health problems, they are one of the most ignored parts of the body. Even when foot or ankle pain is experienced during running, walking, or other forms of exercise, people tend to overlook it and chalk it up to a normal occurrence during […]


Cycling is a popular form of exercise, enjoyment, and even economical, environmentally-friendly commuting to school or work. It provides cardiovascular benefits and conditioning for most of the body; however, cycling takes its toll on the feet, ankles, and lower legs, as they are in constant motion while pedaling to keep the bicycle moving. To reduce […]


Basketball requires a lot of sprinting up and down the court, as well as sudden jumping, side-to-side movement, twisting, and turning. It is also played on a hardwood surface. In light of this, basketball is one of the toughest sports on the feet and ankles. Basketball players of all ages and ability levels, from local […]


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As one of America’s pastimes, many people grow up envisioning themselves playing baseball under the bright lights of a Major League stadium. While being a career ballplayer is only reserved for the upper echelon of athletes, baseball can be played competitively at any level. However, this means that baseball-related foot injuries can affect anyone who […]

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic activity is a popular form of exercise for many people due to the positive health benefits it imparts. For example, aerobic exercise can improve heart, lung, and circulatory health; alleviate stress; encourage weight loss; improve stamina; and strengthen and tone muscles. Despite the benefits of aerobic activities, the constant and repetitive impact of jumping, […]