Tips to Prevent Fungus Problems

Keep socks and footwear clean and dry. Wash feet frequently with soap and water, then be sure to dry them thoroughly; powdering the feet and between the toes after showering and drying can help keep moisture at bay. Wear cotton socks and change them several times a day if feet are sweaty or moist. Wear […]

Fungal Nails

While toenail fungus is not something that typically poses any serious health threat, it should still be taken care of right away. The longer fungus is allowed to linger, the harder it is to remove. Looking down at fungus-infected toenails can be embarrassing, so our team at Great Neck Family Foot Care is here to […]

Foot Odor and Smelly Feet

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What Causes Sweaty, Smelly Feet?   Our feet have over 250,000 sweat glands, which means problems with foot odor are quite common, especially amongst very active people. When we sweat, thousands of bacteria accumulate and feed off of the oils we emit, causing an unfortunate and undesirable smell. Since the feet are already prone to […]

Common Fungal Problems

Fungal problems can develop on the feet in areas such as between the toes, on the sole of the foot, and on the toenails. Since the feet are frequently exposed to moisture due to sweating and wet weather conditions, fungal infections are common. Fungi flourish in warm, dark, and moist environments, making the feet the […]

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a common foot fungus that spreads easily in public places such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, locker rooms, and showers, as these are moist conditions where people usually walk barefoot. The symptoms of athlete’s foot are itchy, burning feet with scaling and redness between the toes. Eventually, the inflammation can become […]