Overview of Feet and Ankle Problems

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Overview of Feet and Ankle Problems Our feet are essential in our daily lives, whether it be for walking, running, driving, or a number of other activities. Since we use our feet so regularly, injuries or problems with the feet may arise due to many factors including congenital defects and heredity, degenerative diseases, fungal, viral […]


Did you know that osteochondritis dissecans can occur in those between the ages of 10 and 20? It’s a condition that can develop in the joints when a piece of the fragmented bone separates, causing it to lose blood supply. These fragments are often called “joint mice” because in the later stages of this condition […]

Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain

Suffering from chronic lateral ankle pain can be painful and frustrating. So what specifically causes chronic lateral ankle pain, and how can we treat it? What is it? Lateral ankle pain is pain on the outside (lateral) part of the foot. It can be a painful condition that causes several symptoms, including Swelling Stiffness Difficulty […]

Ankle Sprain

What Is An Ankle Sprain? Ankle sprains can occur in many ways, but the main one being a roll, or twist of the ankle that causes an excess force on the ankle bone. The ligaments surrounding the outside of the bones may become over-stretched or tear. When figuring out how to treat your ankle sprain, […]