5 Things You Should Do After Bunion Surgery

5 Things You Should Do After Bunion Surgery

Getting ready for bunion surgery is one thing, but being ready for the post-op recovery is another. You may be a little confused about what you need to do for your recovery, especially if you have never had any kind of surgery before. In this post, we will go over the five important things you will need to do or have after your bunion surgery.

Before and After Bunion SurgerySufficient Recovery Time

While not being able to jump back up and go about business as usually immediately after your bunion surgery might seem frustrating, it is absolutely essential that you take the time needed to fully recover. It depends on the severity of the bunion and the complexity of the surgery, but full recovery time could take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. Ask the foot care specialist how much time it will take for you to heal completely following your surgery and prepare to be in recovery for that length of time.

A Designated Driver

This goes for all types of surgery. Typically, bunion operations do not take much time. Following the surgery, you should have a trusted friend or family member ready to pick you up and drive you to your house.

Plan to have a designated driver in advance so you don’t have to worry about how you will get back to your home.

Before and After Bunion SurgeryProper Care For Stitches

After surgery, your stitches will remain in tact for about seven to twenty-one days. During the time that you have stitches, you will need to keep your foot completely dry while showering or bathing. While this is inconvenient, there are a couple things you can do to make it easier for you. If bathing, keep your foot propped up and hanging off the side of the tub. Even with your foot out of water, you should have the stitches properly covered in a wrap. For added protection, place a plastic grocery bag or garbage bag around the foot and use a large rubber band to hold it in place.

If you are showering, you will have to do it sitting down. Place a sturdy chair on a non-slip mat in your shower before alleviating your foot off to the side of the shower. Like bathing, keep your foot covered with a plastic bag to keep water out of the incision.

The Right Footwear

In most cases, you will need to wear a boot or cast with crutches following your operation. The length of time you will need to be non-weight bearing will depend on how extensive your surgery was. Make sure to ask your doctor how long it will be before you can start putting weight on your foot again and how long you will need to be in a boot. In other cases following the surgery, you might be put in a walking cast, splint, special shoes, or even wooden shoes. Most of your regular activities can start back up again after six to eight weeks of recovery. However, in special circumstances, you might have to rely on special footwear for a few months.

Better Shoe Choices

Following your surgery, there is a chance your bunion could return. This typically only happens if you continue to wear shoes that are narrow or have high heels. After a complete recovery, make footwear choices that offer your foot comfort and support. When you opt for footwear that caused the bunion in the first place, you are more likely to get a bunion again.

Still have more questions about your bunion surgery? Don’t hesitate to contact us today. We are happy to discuss all of your concerns and questions.

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