3 Reasons Why Your Fungal Toenail Infection Keeps Coming Back

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3 Reasons Why Your Fungal Toenail Infection Keeps Coming Back

So you have already been able to pinpoint that your pesky foot pain is caused by a fungal toenail infection. You even went to your doctor to get the infection properly treated. And yet still, you notice that your fungal toenail infection keeps coming back and you cannot seem to figure out why. In this post, we will take a look at the top three reasons why your annoying, painful fungal toenail infection keeps coming back and getting in the way of your life and overall health.

  1. You Stopped Taking The Medication as Soon as Your Toenail Showed Signs of Clearing up: So you went to the doctor, got a diagnosis, got the medication needed to clear up the infection, and stopped taking the medication as soon as you noticed that your toenail was looking and feeling healthy again. That could very well be where it all went wrong. Just because it looks and feels like the infection is gone, doesn’t necessarily mean it is. Most doctors would recommend to you that you continue to use the medical treatment a couple more weeks after your toenail looks cleared up because there most likely could be fungus still trapped under the toenail that you can’t see. Avoid more pain, irritation, and medical costs by completing your treatment fully, even after you start feeling better.
  2. You Are Still Exposing Your Feet to Infected Spaces: You finally got your toenail infection cleared up and a couple of weeks later it is suddenly back. If this is the case, take an inventory of the spaces you frequently occupy. Still walking around in the gym locker room or public showers without footwear? Spending a lot of time at the local pool barefoot? You very well could be exposing your feet to the same infected spaces that caused your first fungal toenail infection and that’s why you have yet another one. Whenever you are at the public gym, showers, or pool, make sure that you are at least wearing flip flops or have some other footwear to protect your toes from infection.
  3. Your Body is Trying to Tell You Something: In less common cases, the reason you are dealing with a reoccurring fungal toenail infection could be because you are suffering from some medical condition. For example, people with nerve damage, poor circulation, a compromised immune system, or diabetes are much more likely to suffer from fungal toenail infections. It is worth taking a trip to your primary care physician to get a health and wellness examination and confirm whether or not something else is gong on in your body. Once you get to the root of the problem, you will have an easier time keeping your toes healthy and clear of fungal infections. Additionally, you could be suffering from repeated fungal toenail infections because you have toenails that are more sensitive than normal. Although it is not very common, some women who wear nail polish deal with frequent fungal toenail infections. But it isn’t the nail polish that is causing the infection. When you have polish on your toes, it traps moisture underneath the toenails, thus making you more susceptible to fungal infections. If you routinely wear nail polish, try taking a break from it for a few weeks and if your fungal toenail infections go away. In the meantime, make sure you return to your podiatrist to get the proper medical treatment to effectively clear up the infection.

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