Sock Drive For The Homeless Supporting Diabetes Awareness

Sock Drive at Great Neck Family Foot Care For the Month Of November

In honor of Diabetes Awareness month Great Neck Family Foot Care will be holding a Sock drive for the homeless on Long Island. As the weather in the New York Metro area drops the risk of damage to the feet due to exposure in the homeless rises exponentially. Every year thousands of homeless suffer from frostbite also known as chilblains, where the tissue of the digits toes and fingers as well as tips of noses and ears, suffer irreversible tissue damage resulting in pain, and in some cases amputation. One of the simplest measures that can be taken to avoid such problems is wearing warm protective foot gear, which start at the skin interface. The Long Island Sock Drive at Great Neck Family Foot Care in honor of Diabetes Awareness month is looking to donate a 1000 pairs of socks to the surrounding communities homeless, in hopes to prevent foot injury.

Diabetic Foot: Facts and Figures

  • Diabetes affects 29 million people in the US and more than 366 million people worldwide
  • Diabetes kills more people annually than breast cancer and AIDS combined. – American Diabetes Association, 2009
  • If diabetes were a country, it would be the 4th largest in the world
  • 80% of people with diabetes are from low and middle income nations
  • The number of people with diabetes is increasing in every single nation
  • Half of people with diabetes don’t know they have it.
  • Quiet. Slow. Deadly. Expensive: Chronic Diseases Account for 75% of our Healthcare Costs
  • 25% of all medical care is consumed by 1% of the population and nearly 50% is consumed by 5%.
 If you want to be a part of making a difference please consider sending even just one pair of new, warm socks to our Podiatry Office at Great Neck Family Foot Care Attn: Sock Drive,  7 Bond Street, Great Neck NY 11021