Important Stretches to Alleviate Heel Pain

Heel pain is something so common in Great Neck Podiatry offices that virtually everyone will experience it at some point in their life for one reason or another. While there are some instances when heel pain is being triggered by a serious condition that requires special medical treatment, surgery, or therapy, many cases of heel […]

Eliminating the Pain of Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that can result in pain ranging from mild to excruciating. This pain is typically focused in the heel, but it can extend through the arch of the foot as well. It is typically worst after sleeping, sitting for a long period, or otherwise being off of one’s feet for a […]

Think You Have a Heel Spur? It Might Actually Be Something Else

When people begin to experience heel pain, the overwhelming majority of them will simply assume that they are suffering from the all-too-common heel spur. And although heel spurs are indeed common, it is also highly likely that your heel pain is being triggered by something else. After all, 50% of people who have a heel spur […]

3 Exercises to Avoid When Dealing With Heel Pain

When you are experiencing mild heel pain from a sports injury or just from long hours of wearing improper footwear, there are a few exercises you can try to expedite the recovery process. However, it is also important to acknowledge that there are plenty of exercises that you should not do when you are suffering from an […]

Heel Pain And Plantar Fasciitis: What You Need to Know Long Island!

You might not have ever heard of plantar fasciitis, but if you are like anyone else, chances are that at some point in your life you have experienced heel pain. And there is a good probability that the culprit behind it was one of the most common causes of heel pain: plantar fasciitis. If you are […]

Your Great Neck Podiatrist discusses 3 Things That Could be Causing Your Mysterious Heel Pain

Are you suffering from a mysterious, chronic case of heel pain that seems to plague you every time you walk and even when you’re resting? There’s no reason to live with the pain and discomfort when there are plenty of solutions to remedy the issue with your heel, even if you can’t figure out what […]

5 Common Causes of Heel Pain

If you are experiencing heel pain and don’t remember injuring yourself recently, you are probably confused as to why you are experiencing such pain. And not knowing what’s causing your pain can be just as frustrating as the pain itself. There are several reasons why you could be experiencing mysterious heel pain and in this post, we […]

Do You Need Bunion Surgery?

Bunions are bony protrusions that appear at the inner part of the joint at the base of the big toe. The area becomes enlarged due to a misalignment of the joint. This misalignment causes the big toe to rotate toward the other toes. Large bunions can cause a great deal of pain for the sufferer, and sometimes, […]

The 6 Most Common Bunion Surgery Questions Answered

If you have never had bunion surgery before but are in need of it due to a hugely inconvenient and painful bunion, you probably have a few questions about the entire process. It’s completely normal to worry about what to do beforehand and afterward and be confused as what to expect. That’s why we will […]

Metatarsal Fractures and Stress Fractures

Stress Fracture in your feet

Your feet are marvelously constructed, containing nearly 25% of your body’s bones. While fractures in the bones of your feet are treatable, they can be painful, and are often seen in athletes and dancers. Fractures of the metatarsal bones frequently happen as a result of activities that repetitively load the foot, such as sports that […]